Fix Your Golf Swing Path

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Here’s my first video of 2015! Use this drill to help fix your golf swing path this winter at the range or at home. Perfect Ball Position Every Time https://…


Dan says:


James Mulholland says:

Hi Peter, can you do a video on aiming and hitting targets please? Great

Cace Smith says:

Awesome video Peter!! I’m able to play about 10-11 months out of the year
but the “down time” at home is brutal. Drills like this are exactly what I
need and will be working on this winter so the swing doesn’t get all rusty.

chillaz3000 says:

great video Peter. I am trying to figure out the right downswing plane, and
this has helped me alot.Thanks

Adam Grym says:

Hi Peter, nice fix up golf swing path instructions! I am actually in
Scottsdale, Arizona since mid. Dec. so have an opportunity to practice it
on a warm driving range! Get well soon! 

chatterton10 says:

Get your swing in order?! Please Pete there isn’t a smoother swing anywhere

John White says:

I’ve learned more about the proper golf swing from your videos in the past
few months than from all the “tips” I’ve heard since I started playing back
in ’86. Some other videos have helped as well. Some guy named Rick. 😉
By the way, I shot a 35 the last nine holes I played just by trying to
swing at your tempo. Never mind that it was only a par 30. I was very
happy! Of course, I still have plenty of swing changes to make, but now I
know what to change.

Tancoish says:

I absolutely love this vid, informative as usual! But also really good for
all of us that want to imitate your swing, now give us the same video in a
side view please! :)

stu says:

How high do you think my ceilings are….?

James Nation says:

Hi Peter, love your videos and swing. May I ask what your thoughts are
about the right arm/elbow at the time of impact? What do you feel your
right elbow is doing at the point of impact with the ball? I’ve been
hearing a lot of chatter about whether it should be straight or bent. I’d
love to hear your thoughts on the topic.


Bro great vid simple and effective!!! #SimplicityGolf love it!!!

Carl Broadbent says:

Hi Peter, just been trying this in my livingroom and recording it on my
phone and when iv played it back iv noticed how much I hold my breath from
the start of the shot all the way through then let out a big Breath at the
end. Is this normal or should I be exhaling through the shot? 

LeoGolf says:

#iplayfinchgolf as a sign for someone who improved his game by peters
so: #iplayfinchgolf 

Cory Delgado says:

Dealing with the cold Michigan winter months I’ve had plenty of time to
work on my swing indoors. I’ve also managed to take out a light
fixture….twice! Be careful folks.

Spencer Mulcahy says:

Hi Pete is this similar to what we where working on for me yesterday if it
is perfect timing for the video cheers. Thanks again And I look forward too
my next lesson and more improvements. 

Peter Finch Golf says:

Here’s my first video of 2015! Use this drill to help fix your golf swing
path this winter at the range or at home.

Colm McCaffery says:

do you sell those “not too bad – not the best strike in the world” shots –
I’ll have half a dozen off you 🙂
yet another good vid Pete, will be following your progress as you get your
swing in order …. ………. looks pretty damn good to me … have a
great year

Here’s to single figs in 2015 !

Jake Rommer says:

Great advice thanks 🙂 

Miiken90lfc says:

Great video Pete! I’m a beginner (only played 4-5 months), can’t play any
golf now here in Finland when it’s winter but this will help me a lot
during the winter and hopefully to reduce my handicap next season. I
thinking about buying my first driver, only used a hybrid, irons 4-9, PW
and SW my first season. I have watched a lot of your YT videos and looked
around on the internet and I think a used PING G15 is a good choice for a
beginner or maybe the G20 (Would love the G25 or G30 but they are a little
bit expensive). What do you think about that? Should I buy one 10,5” or
12”? Any other good drivers for a beginner? Pricerange up to 150€/120£

Nico Boller says:

Happy new year Peter! What about a 2015 In The Bag?

Peter D says:

Great stuff as always, Peter.

Michael Rolton says:

Thanks Pete. Quite simply a superb instructional video. I look forward to
sharing 2015 with you.

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