Effortless Golf Swing

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brian brinson says:

Wow, so effortless. Will try this at the range today. Question: I noticed that your left arm is bent on your take back, and bends even further at the top before your downswing. I’ve been keeping mine rigid throughout the whole process to keep on plane and hit it straight, but I’m hooking badly, especially after 9 holes. Do you think that’s part of the problem? I’m reluctant to try ‘unhinging’ my left arm because I’m thinking the ball will go all over the place.. your thoughts?

jsrscbr says:

Great vid as usual Paul. Your vids have totally improved my game. Keep up the good work.

brumble16 says:

4:18-4:28 the guy in the background looked frozen..

Bill Stratman says:

Hi Paul. I really enjoyed your vid. I am 66 & started playing golf 4 yrs. ago when I retired & was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease as per my neurologist. I have little upper body strength. I went to Golf Galaxy & my swing speed was only 59. 100 yrds is as far as I can drive the ball. I tried 5 different drivers & they all produced the same low distance result. Help!!! I welcome your sugestons. Many thanks.

paulwilsongolf says:

As I showed in the video you need loose wrists. So you should be working the club back and forth over and over again until your wrists loosen. This means you are holding onto the club securely but you keep the wrists loose. Don’t let go of the club. After you do this for a while the club will whip faster. It takes time but you can get it.

paulwilsongolf says:

yeah, he needs work.

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you. I appreciate it.

paulwilsongolf says:

Lots of pros bend their arm. Look at Jack Nicklaus, Faldo, Couples etc. What is important is this arm is extended at and past impact.

You are hoking because you have a grip problem. You need to neutralize your grip by seeing 2 knuckles on your left hand and the V on your right points between the right ear and shoulder. Once you neutralize the spin you will clearly see the path.

paulwilsongolf says:

To square the face consistently you need to get both arms fully extended about 2 feet after impact with irons and 3 feet after with woods. This is the widest point of the arc not impact. So work on this and you will square it very consistently.

paulwilsongolf says:

That’s great news. Thanks for the feedback.

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you understood it and liked it. Ii truly appreciate the feedback.

paulwilsongolf says:

Like I said to someone else:

To square the face consistently you need to get both arms fully extended about 2 feet after impact with irons and 3 feet after with woods. This is the widest point of the arc not impact. So work on this and you will square it very consistently.

eddieting says:

Hi Paul,
Love your videos. You mentioned about keeping the wrists loose in your videos. What is the correct wrist position at the top of the backswing? You seemed to have a slightly cupped left wrist, but I can’t tell from the video for sure. I can feel that having a slightly cupped left wrist seem to give me some extra power when I straighten my arms to release the club to square the face. Am I doing it right? Thank you

Eddie from Vancouver

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

The left wrist should be cupped slightly because you should be in a 2 knuckle grip position at setup. To see it take your grip. Hinge the club up to your nose. If you do you will see the slight cupping. Now, turn to the top and it will be cupped. NEVER have a perfectly flat wrist at the top. If you do you will be layed off or you will be manipulating the club to get it there. Your arms should be fully extended after you hit the ball.

SuperPreciouslife says:

Paul from Hawaii 16 handicap. I have to say at the level I am at right now this video is vital for progressing to a lower handicap. I have incorporated this in all shots. Even chipping! Thank you for a great video and your way of teaching.

Jonathan Basile says:

excellent video. Where can i find the video you talk about at 10 seconds? Thanks.

lacutisXXX says:

Thanks for being so clear and concise in your instructions.the way you quantify (1 to 10) the swing speed and pressure helps me alot.. I have applied your instructions and definitely feel more confident and relaxed while swinging….Thanks again for you amazing instructions

todd732325 says:

Thank you Paul for these videos. I am still working on loosening everything up. I do not have much flexibility. A lot of these great golfers you see hitting the ball well are very flexible. I am overweight and have poor posture plus im tall. I have lots going against me when trying to become a better golfer. These videos give me a lot of motivation. Thanks again!

Orlando, FL

Robert Kay says:

Hi Paul:

I have successfully used your tips to improve my game, especially in getting MUCH better distance on my drives by loosening my wrists. Just wondering if you have a suggestion of what part of the wrist or grip to focus on during my setup. I sometimes have a hard time loosening up my wrists and grip when I’m over the ball and don’t get the distance I otherwise have gained. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

paulwilsongolf says:

Yes, to get to the next level you need to be turning your arms off and working on using your lower body to hit the ball. Glad you are getting it. Keep up the good work.

paulwilsongolf says:

I took it offline. That contest was a long time ago.

If you would like more golf tips please check out my Ignition Golf (dot) com website. I have hundreds posted there.

paulwilsongolf says:

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.

paulwilsongolf says:

I am not very flexible either yet I can hit the ball over 300. I only turn back about 80 degrees. I just cannot go farther. So it is not about how far you are turning back it about created the torque in the coil and how loose your wrists are. Turn back as much as you can. I have another video about this on this channel. Once you coil back with the shoulders you uncoil with the legs. Keep the arms and wrists powerless to get the whipping action. The loser something is the faster it swings.

paulwilsongolf says:

When you are at setup you should have your grip at 2 our of 10. So the thought is a light grip in general not necessarily a certain part of your grip. You should also be taking all of the power out of your arms letting them hang there at 0 out of 10. Just put the hands on gently instead of grabbing on hard. This way you won’t be too tight right from the start.

Raphaël Jacquet says:

Hi Paul, thanks for all the good advices. super clear (and relaxing) instructions.. Very helpful after coming back to the game after an 11 year break… A bogey player in 2 months (my favorite advice is the coiling/uncoiling one btw). Thanks!


eddieting says:

Love your videos.

1. Could you please show us a drill to prevent the golf club from being stuck behind the body? I turn with my hips first, but end up flipping my hands to square the club face at impact, resulting in duck hooks to the left.

2. Is it better to have an open stance, so it is easier to clear the hips on the downswing?

Thank you

Robert Kay says:

Thanks, Paul. Played a few more times using the “effortless golf swing” and the increase in my distance is unbelievable. At one time, I was often getting only about 150-160 yards with my driver. I’m now getting mostly 200-210 yards and a few times have gotten up to about 240. I used to use what you’ve described as a “death grip” on the club when I needed distance. I’m now doing the opposite and my results are much better!

dvaldi valdi says:

wow! thx paul, i tryed that swing at a company turnament, man did it work?
now i am generating more power with more rotation and using more hip, i never get to the green in 2 shots, on a 520 yds par five, this time i got there, i ended up making par dough,
but still , i apreciate those tips

Alonzo Hart says:

Great video, thanks for the reminder of club speed and tempo. I’m planning on getting a Swing Speed Radar device that you showed in the video. Tell me, why haven’t I heard from you on Revolution Golf lately?
Al Hart

BKellyS says:

Thanks Paul, as a beginning golfer I am struggling with consistency, topping and slicing the ball regularly. The other night at the range I remembered your tips and focused intently on RELAXING my grip and especially my arms during the backswing particularly. I was thinking “my arms are noodles”. It felt like a major breakthrough. I hit about 30 in a row cleanly. Huge improvement. I am convinced most of my problems are caused by way too much tension. You’re dead on, thanks for the tip.

Bodycage says:

That swing radar is not at all accurate. That ‘effortless’ swing (which was literally just up and down) was nowhere near 98 mph. Not even close.

paulwilsongolf says:

Not true. I spoke to the owner and it is accurate within 1 mph (doppler radar). Plus I did another video with a student and I did this slow swing right after him to prove the point. Look for it on this channel and you will see the comparison.

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you are getting it. I find it funny that people bash me yet I get golfer after golfer hitting it better than they every have by doing this. Why don’t people try it first before they form an opinion. Keep at it.

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you like the video. I am doing my own website now. It is call Ignition Golf. Please take a look for it. 

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you experienced it. Now you just have to keep the arms powerless so you don’t lose it.

paulwilsongolf says:


1. If the club is stuck you are sliding. You need to lock the forward leg into the through swing ending up with the right leg touching it in the follow through. This is my touch the legs lesson.

2. You stance should be square.

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you are doing well. Keep at it. Thanks.

paulwilsongolf says:

Glad you are doing well. It is the opposite to what you think. Swing easy keeping the arms powerless and you will hit the ball better than you ever have. Keep at it.

georgiadawg0819 says:

There is no way that swing was 98 MPH….

John Mali says:

Hi Paul, I love your videos, can’t get enough of them. I was wondering what is the difference between the 2 Swing Speed Radar Guns and where can I get one reasonably cheap from Australia. Looking forward to your advice, cheers mate.

paul taylor says:

it seems you have natural speed that cannot be taught. some people are born with it.

Russell Dawkins says:

Very good tip. I read an article many years ago on Fred Couples called “relaxed power” and then experienced it for myself. I tried to slow my swing down and just put the ball in the fairway , without all the pressure to hit it long , I relaxed and started hitting it in the fairway and I increased my distance off the tee

John Mali says:

Hi Paul, I just got a Swing Speed Radar, and I average about 92-98MPH club head speed hinging my wrist as I start my takeaway, however when I tried it like you are and all or most other pros, Tiger Woods, are doing which is the head of the club is at 3 o’clock example before i start to hinge my wrist and take the club to the top of my back swing, I got an unbelievable 118-127MPH, although I couldn’t keep doing it, I hope the machine is,’t faulty, any comments or help please do so anyone,cheers

paulwilsongolf says:

Sure was. Check out my other video comparing my swing to an amateurs using the same launch monitor. I did this other video because there were people who did not believe this one. It’s called, Effortless Power: How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

paulwilsongolf says:

You cannot get one in Australia. They are not licensed there. These are doppler radar and need to be approved.

paulwilsongolf says:

Do you think I always swung like this? No way. It was not until I told myself not to hit or help the shot in any way that I got this effortless look to my swing. Focus on this as your thought and you will get it too.

paulwilsongolf says:

Exactly, it takes a little bit to get used to but once you do you will never want to hit the ball any other way. Great feeling.

paulwilsongolf says:

If this increased the speed keep doing it. I like the later hinge to widen the arc and keep the arms out of the backswing. I would think the 127 is a mis-read.

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