Easiest Putting Technique Ever

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Best Putting Technique Ever, Simple, Reliable


Matthew says:

I've been using this method for years and it does work, however, I grip further down the club with my right hand, and hold the top of the putter with my left fingers, almost like a pencil. This is to just stabilize the top of the putter and make it more like a pendulum, I sometimes stand with an open stance almost like a 3/4 side saddle. I've been known to grip it with my index and middle finger knuckles which my friends and I call the "Camel Toe" grip, its more like gorilla knuckles :).

Sack Summers says:

I am sorry but my experience has shown me that you have it in the wrong hand. Do everything the same, but hold it in your left hand with your arm fully extended. That bent right arm is nothing but trouble at the end of the day. Really appreciate your concepts and instruction. Great fundamentals.

ThePurpleHarpoon says:

Does gravity only move the putter or do you apply force on the downstroke?

Bourne Accident says:

A RIDICULOUS PUTTING TIP THAT WORKS FOR ME:  I try and make everything, even from off the green.  And like anyone else, I miss some, I make some.  One day, this "I miss some… I make some" theme was repeating over and over in my head.  I thought how similar this is to the old "she loves me… she loves me not" plucking the daisy petal thing.  So as I stood over my next putt taking practice strokes, I starting picturing the ball rolling past the hole as I said I missed it… on my next practice stroke I pictured the ball rolling into the hole as I said…. I made it…then I missed it…then I made it…then I missed it… and on the third time as I was saying " I made it"… I stroked the putt.  That putt dropped.  As crazy at that sounds, it worked.  I actually watch myself completely miss the putt when I say I missed it… and I actually watch the putt roll into the hole when I say "I made it".  This infectious "I missed it I made it"gets into your head and the power of visualization is just amazing.  I started doing this from that point on and haven't looked back.  I would love to hear if this ridiculous sing song thing works for anyone else.

barrym1953 says:

Do you realize that the captions in the center bottom of the video block the putter and ball?

Beta Vulgaris says:

Technique is the means to the scoring end. The person who sinks the most putts has the best technique.

Volker Hellmann says:

Best Video about Putting technique! Thank you very much from Germany.

Doreen Day says:

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Happy Green - Golf & Event says:

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Mark Greer says:

Putting takes all the fun out of gelf.

Doug Kercher says:

A million people taking advice to putt looking sideways to the hole? One of the greatest players ever had the guts to look different because it works. Sam Snead.

Pat Ryan says:

There is one that is even easier (and more accurate)-"Face-On" putting.

Geraldine Michelle Kelly Maxwell—ADDISON. says:


Patrick Valenzuela says:

When I saw this video, I was skeptical and not convinced, but when I tried it, wow!!! say no more. This is one of the best if not the best putting technique I ever encountered in more than 20 years of looking for the best putting method. The title says it all "Easiest putting technique Ever". Thank you Mr. Cahill.

Petra X says:

Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "improve putting" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Graysonyon Putter Prolific – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

Mark S says:

I can't wait to try this. I totally feel most comfortable with my right hand after trying this. But I have always "tried" to putt with my left hand as the dominant. Duh

James Morris says:

Great lesson, observed Tiger use one hand (right) when beginning practice putting before tournaments. I tried it and found my release feeling thru the putt was far better than two handed. You added arm control, not shoulder movement, which makes one hand technique great.

Jeremy Richards says:

I found I control the putter much better with my left arm even though I am right handed. Makes a huge difference to my putting. I never would have thought.

Orlando Gago says:

I putted with one hand for more than 10 year and have an average of 31 putt per round. It's works very well.Often I open my stand to look better the hole.

Adam Grym says:

a great, constructive take on putting, "simply" by an eloquent, wonderful guy! Many thanks!

J D says:

As being THE WORST PUTTER of all time,I'd try anything.And so I've been trying your technique.It's working!On the carpet anyway.Can't wait to try it on a real putting green.I think this may be my savior technique to give up my horrible trophy.Thanks.

Deborah Barnard says:

Awesome video thank you very detailed!

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