Drill of the Week: Putting String

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An indoor putting string drill.


Will b says:

If you live around Surrey/London area I suggest playing a couple of courses
including West Hill, Hankley, Sunningdale and Hindhead. All a bit pricey
but all top 100 courses in the UK and if you have a decent camera to do a
course vlog with it would be sick! I play at Hindhead and would recommend

Brad Aspinall says:

do you agree the putting stroke should be arced?

WGimpact says:

I doesnt change the fact that with the ball in the middle it encourages a
better back and through swing

BubbaWatsonfan15 says:

Its simple, if you have a crocked string your not getting the right
feedback. If you have a straight string, the feedback you get is true,
since your seeing your stroke in relation to a perfectly straight string.

commentor346 says:

More course vlogs!!! There the cats meow

WGimpact says:

its normaly agreed that stright back stright through is a better

Lachie Murchie says:

love the videos, don’t take this personally but your not really the best
person to be giving putting lessons.

WGimpact says:

why m8?

Peter Kennedy says:

Legendary and first

BubbaWatsonfan15 says:

This would only be effective if the string is perfectly straight, a meter
stick would work better.

BubbaWatsonfan15 says:

Okay, I thought this had to do with club path.

TheCamdenBros says:

Great putting tip

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