Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: The Fastest Way To Improve

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Do you just want to play, or do you want to improve? Discraft Pro Mark Ellis leads a group of competitive Am players in an exercise designed to reinforce the…


Discraft Disc Sports says:

We at Discraft recommend you keep it simple to start: a putter (Soft Magnet is our most popular), a midrange (Buzzz, Meteor, Comet, Hawk), and a couple of different drivers suitable for beginners (Avenger SS, Stratus, XL). There’s plenty of tips in the Team section of our website… where you’ll also find other video clinics. Cheers.

fluflu66 says:

I have never played but will next week. Is the driver similar in distance to a 165g?

the2006rookie says:

what is an average score for somebody playing for only four months? On an eighteen hole course. Say a medium difficulty. The best I have done on a fairly simple course is 1 above par. Is that decent? The best that I have done on a hard course is eight above.

Jennifer Young says:

very good video, show more, and maybe gets some on dvd. it’s blurry on these computer.

Nal27 says:

I’d say find a league in your area. Since playing league my game has improved unbelievably..

BigDubya72 says:

how are those players rated? what do those numbers mean??

kannibees says:

yeh i was wondering whats up with the rating system too

bradleybacon says:


atreyufan600 says:

HEY! I’m from Kalamazoo! REPRESENT!!! Nice tips, THANX!

mattattack418 says:

i think its similar to ball golf handicaps, indicating the skill level. what the numbers actually mean, i’m not sure

tnjed73 says:

typically a high level professional is a 1000 rated player, 930 to 980 might be advanced and so forth on down

McCharlie says:

It may be from the PDGA. I think after you become a member you get a rating at each tournament. Don’t quite me on that though…….

ascodemus says:

Thanks a lot to Mark Ellis for great tips. Watching Mark teach is enjoyable as he can break down difficult things and explain them clearly and vividly.

DividedLove says:

Is it bad to always leave your discs in your car during the hot summer?

amberraine says:

I own Kalamazoo. Actually Larry LaBond does.

Alex Padilla says:

Damn ellis has a nice forehand. Can you go into more depth in throwing it with a putter? You say just release flat, but more info is needed!

adam537 says:

good vid!

rtcj97 says:

One of the most common tendencies on forehand is to roll the wrist over on release. It usually happens when you throw too hard.

Be patient with the distance and get used to a flat release. It’s hard to duplicate until you’ve actually done it a few times.

That’s why playing catch is so effective. You learn the control and accuracy and your distance improves as a side-effect.

rtcj97 says:

It’s a system put in place by the PDGA to help estimate skill levels of players. Kind of like handicap, but more flexible. A player’s overall rating is the average of several rounds, adjusted periodically.

A player’s rating for a single round is a function of the scores attained on that course and the player’s own score as compared to the rest of the field. Hudson Mills has 2 courses. Par from short tees on the Monster is a 925 rating. On the Original it’s 897. The score is what counts.

Paul Wills says:

I like how he NEVER explained the elevator shot.

akronymn says:

What he was saying about throwing with people who are better than you is so true. I learned more in one afternoon playing doubles with a pro than in a whole year of throwing alone.

aaronious2 says:

it takes a lawyer…

xcaliba1540 says:

I totally agree i played with Gregg Barsby and i learned more in one round playing with him than i did in the previous 10 years i played

THCMED says:

I was playing one of our lesser known local courses when I came upon Eric McCabe and Liz Lopez, among others, taking ace runs on every basket on the course until they hit one, and then they’d move on. Watching them throw really sparked my imagination. They let my group play through after we watched them for a few minutes. I got down to the basket 340 feet away and realized they were throwing putters and midranges. This changed my game forever. I’m throwing my Roc, Wasp and Stingray 350 now.

THCMED says:

This is absolutely true. I’ve had local pros look at my form as well. I couldn’t hyzer for anything until I learned how to hyzer an Ultra-Star. I translated what I learned to my golf throw and now I can hyzer far more effectively.

bjoli74 says:

great vid. makes me want to try this sport out again!

sinnoh2014 says:

the one person crouching at the beginning tought me disc golf

Hyst44 says:

it was at the beginning.

GnarlyEyeball says:

I haven’t been playing very long, and my best shots come from the Avenger SS, Buzzz and the Meteor. I had a few other discs to start off with, but my partner had those in his bag, and let me throw those. I went from playing bogey golf, to finishing close to even within a few weeks of using those discs. Can’t say enough good things about them,

thearaban says:

i naturally throw a hyzer. I now know what changes to make lol.

915greenhornet says:

I have the luxury of throwing both lefty and righty equally well so I don’t work on the forhand shot as much as I should. I play endicott park and made it through last week at 6 over par not to bad for starting play a month ago.

jason Rowe says:

Personally, I played for years with just a single midrange disc. But now I play with about 5 or so.
2 drivers one overstable, and one understable, and 2 midrange discs, the same.
I’ll also normally bring a disc I’m working with, or for a particular shot.
Personally, I don’t carry a putter.

Clipedice1 says:

great video!

tosotikoga says:

If you want to throw an elevator shot, throw your disc slightly nose up with a slight anhyzer angle on it and you should be able to get the elevator shot to work just fine. The reason it drops straight down from so high up is that as it stalls it is also coming out of the anhyzer. It doesn’t have a chance to finish off as normal so it just falls nearly straight down.

gionieto says:

my question to most pro where can i find the best tech. course. and where can i find the longer course. I live in CALI.

rollthelosing dice says:

whats the best disc for an elevator shot? magnet?

Jules Winnfield says:

Well the elevator is pretty easy to figure out.

TheStinkfister says:

Any tips for a guy who is straining his shoulder on drives? It seems every time I go out for a round I leave with my shoulder in wincing pain.

ThisDamnHomelessGuy says:

how are you throwing, RHBH, your trying to put too much power in your throw, lessen up on it, the disc should rip from your grip, not you releasing the disc. Also your step might be messed up, practice daily walking an x-step until your comfortable running the x-step, then your shoulder should not hurt anymore

ThisDamnHomelessGuy says:

its really easy… no need to explain it

SEO.com says:

I am having a hard time throwing those kinds of discs. I love frisbees

thepissedoffpotato says:

Yeah, I was better then my brother then he got better then me and Now I am getting better then him we are always trying to get better against each other. We always ask other players who we notice are better to play with us as well.

DooleyNotable says:

it’s definitely an adjustment from throwing ultimate discs. throwing golf discs requires a bit more arm speed and technique to really achieve the results you want. i recommend just finding an open field near where you live and just experiment with your throw until you find what’s comfortable.

Kaleb Kueckelhan says:

I like how he calls all of their friends derelicts and they all just laugh and nod.

theMANxGOLFER says:

I would like a video to explain the best way to loosen up before a round. The best practice place I found is a(an) (american) football field to see what my distances are for mid range shots vs the amount of power (arm and snap) I’m putting into it. Still trying to drive past 350ft, but I’m just in year one. These shorter shots are vital to my game. Great video.

Chris Davies says:

Great to see Arthur Panegaly there! Played against him a few times in NZ.

2facedninja says:

Most of them are from Michigan. I am from Michigan and I rarely see awesome players unless I go when they’re doing leagues at Grand Woods. lol

k2skater319 says:

Mark is telling the truth! I played with my cousin and his friends and I did just as good as them threw neg 2

presidentwehoa1 says:

Pretty cool that a company is willing to go out and do grass roots type stuff like this to grow the sport.

Stephen Morgan says:

except he did…

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