Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Putting Confidence Program

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Famous disc golf coach and pro Mark Ellis presents this in-depth program that guarantees your putting success.


GODofORCS says:

IM starting this today i do know my putting is the worst in my game

bloddynose13 says:

this vid is awesome. I went from about a 30% putter to about a 75% putter!

nataskaos says:

gotta make do kid! you don’t play in the snow around here, you miss out on 3-5 months of disc.

youtah676 says:

discraft RULES !

ton8019 says:

mark is a very nice guy he was just at a tournament i attended in Davison, MI

cjms08 says:

is it 15 minutes a day i’ve been playing for 5 months my drives are getting better but i do miss a lot of short putts and my putting is the worst part of my game

Nick Noble says:

i did my putting today…

bloddynose13 says:

this worked well for me!

panteragod3 says:

My confidence was destroyed after a recent first tournament. I shot a 70/71 on a 2 round 54 par course. This video is just what i needed to get my head back in the game. I hope i can thank you in person one day. THANK YOU Mark and Discraft! I did my putting today.

jake castella says:

thx for the link jose

daxfas26 says:

I am deaf…….Is there anyway you can add subtitles to this video? I am very sure I will benefit from this video! My putting is just terrible!

Leo9dbass says:

Leave it to the pro´s..!

jake1260 says:

Mark Ellis is a great teacher, one of the very best in my humble opinion.

Josh Mann says:

I love Innova discs, but Discraft definitely knows how to make some awesome informative videos!! Such a great help for improving my game! Slowly I’m adding more discraft discs to my bag.

revelinabandon says:

Short version: Choose a new putter and get 2 of them. This is to put bad feelings associated with your old putter to rest. Everyday for 30 days go to your local course and putt for 30 minutes. Do it in 2 15 minute sessions so you can maintain concentration. Throw both discs. The second throw allows readjustment. Throw putts you can make, gradually changing your distance. Before each putt, recite a mantra in your head. “I can make this putt!” or whatever. Stay positive. Don’t skip days.

daster51 says:

I like the simplicity of it and will give it a shot. Good work, George Lucas. I mean Mark Ellis!

gregorokorn says:

Mark Ellis and Discraft videos are a gift to us golfers trying to improve our games. Just started this 30 day program and am on day 5. Lucky to have a portable basket in my house and so far so good from five paces (approx 11.5 ft) making on average 84 out of 85 putts each 15 mins. Will extend distance to 6 paces today and will stay at this distance until I can average 95%. My goal is to continue program until I can improve to 85% at 10 paces – hopefully by day 30 or 40. Thanks Mark and Discraf

arklave says:

I watched this video today and then went out back with my basket and started putting this program to the test. Wow just in half an hour my shooting percentage skyrocketed. Yea they were just short 10 – 15 foot putts, but I also tried some much longer ones after awhile. Even my longer putts flew much straighter and I could nick the basket from over 50 feet out more often than not. I can see big results coming from sticking with this program. Thanks again Mark and Discraft!

Carrington Silva says:

“Are they motivated? Will they get butter?! You will find out ” @0:52

jk I have been glued on these video and can’t wait to hit the course today.

ilangerrr says:

hes a genius, just sayin

cincye1 says:

Is Matt Blakley still on team Discraft? I used to see him all the time in Cincinnati at the Mount Airy Ace Fund. I asume he moved after he finished school?

PaintballNationVideo says:

Nice. PbNation at 17:58! 

seniorsteele says:

Great vid! Lots of good information. Building mental confidence is just as important in any sport as physical confidence! Definitely going to start this!

Marko Mofardin says:

Im going to course right now, Im glued too 🙂

tschroty says:

Thank you.

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