Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Making Long Putts

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Four disc golf pros demonstrate four different and effective techniques for hitting 100 foot putts. This Discraft disc golf clinic is part the world’s larges…


rougebopper says:

yea its a stealy definitely. his face was stolen

someguywitatie says:

lmao thank you, i shall use this forever now

TomMac Garrett says:

where do you get the “steal your face” discs? for those of us who still listen.

Tyler Mintzer says:

I find that stance translates well for a long putt if you have any prior experience playing Ultimate Frisbee.

g0ing2f4st says:

Love the dead head on the putter

pmcnutty says:

This video is awesome, though just a question or two:
Don’t you have to be touching the ground when you release the throw? Or are they releasing before the jump? Also, doesn’t jumping run the risk of having a falling putt if you jump forward?
That being said, very cool techniques!

pmcnutty says:

Actually I suppose it’s not a falling putt outside of 10 meters :p

thequick24 says:

i would own these guys

chainseeker1 says:

Milky Mike LOL

podden22 says:

I would like to have seen more throws and putts so you can see the entire flight path of the discs. Mostly from Mark Ellis. But otherwise, a good video. And I’m starting to like the Rattler!

MrKli4d says:

Damn… I just throw the thing at the other thing.

Volcomskater9999 says:

where can you get a good set of like 10+ discs from discraft?

bestrem14 says:

I disagree! You would probably lose by like 30 strokes!

lokicash says:

falling putts are only bad within a certain distance from the basket i think 30 feet

jimbo2346 says:

Is that Technoviking at 0:07?

Discgolf38022 says:

dont buy discs in sets, they’re generally discs with crappy plastic

Jamminn555 says:

What a great video. Thanks so much for posting!!

Jules Winnfield says:

They do offer a 3 disc set with a driver, mid range, and putter at discraft (on amazon) for 30 bucks (so discounted by about 33% from buying each individually) that are high quality and recommended for beginners (easy to control). I just ordered it myself.

MrSnos420 says:

paul ulibary is a douch,he acts like he’s the worlds gift to discgolf and comes to small time events to show off and beat all kinds of novice players.stay in pheonix where you belong

tommyjohnx says:

Google discraft misprint deal. You get a random selection of discs but you do get to choose the plastic. Almost all my discraft discs I’ve gotten this way.

adhansme says:

no way ron.

Nate leach says:

i jus got a cryztal flx magnet and that thing is perfict. if it goes near a basket its goin in . i have to fight the basket to get it back.

Pnasalberta says:

how do you jump putt i never got that out of this vid

riothero313 says:

My accuracy sucks bad throwing straight at the basket. I throw my putts with a huge hyzer so it comes in from the air above and down at almost a 45 degree angle. This way if I miss the disc is planted right near the basket. The downside is they bounce off the top a lot too lol.

Loki Owl says:

I would imagine that when he says “windy” he means a cross wind. Straddling offers more stability in a cross wind because puting one foot forward and jumping makes your body like a sail in the wind, altering your shot before you’ve even thrown the disc.

michiganfan725 says:

an airbounce is also a throw used in ultimate that involves a large step outward, and a low release with a slightly upward facing front edge

rubiCreative says:

I had a really hard time putting. My putting range was probably 10′; 15 on a good day. A week ago, before I watched this video, I started adding a slight anhyzer like Ron Russell (the last guy in the white shirt) I was almost instantly able to throw 30′ and hit metal and chains up 50′. I think my longest successful putt with the anhyzer was around 70′. My stance is completely different than his but it is the same throw. If you are having problems I would suggest you give it a try. I putt an MRV.

Raguirre777 says:

This has helped alot. I need to work on my putt and my scores should drop like crazy. Cant wait.

idkguy517 says:

look at how young ulibarri looks lol

jsphchesspeace says:

That’s funny… For my approaches, I imagine there’s an important message on the bottom of my frisbee (which varies on a shot to shot basis) and I need to get it to the receiver (also varies) to save the world or country or whatever.

Josh Sorensen says:

so helpful thank you

Josh Sorensen says:

so helpful thank you
i putt my buzz

Dainslaif says:

As someone who has had problems with my putter hyzering out, his style makes a ton of sense to me. By anhyzering, it gives the disc a bit more time before it turns in, which subsequently gives it more time in the air. I’ll definitely be giving that a try tomorrow.

exitoftheend says:

they shouldnt allow golf carts in disc golf. that is all.

jhoovar says:

over time you will find that the buzzz is too fast. your missed puts wil go flying past the basket and skip too far away. get a putter (any putter) and use it! you will thank me later

Asheville Deadheads says:

i love the Grateful Dead discs

n8rm says:

I put a Piranha. Oldie but goodie. great vid btw.

catar4 says:

3 years later I’m still alive.

Thank you.

DiscGolfSalmon says:

wow only Mark never got the disc in the basket ..

TheGrenadesOG says:


guitarmon100 says:

So, it appears that jumping over your mark is legal at this distance. When is it not legal?

zendragon6 says:

used to be legal, rules changed

tatnaked says:

inside 10 meters

mrDROCK says:

Was that really 100ft? It doesn’t seem that far in the video.

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