Discmania Deep in the Game: Ep 1 – Putting (Instructional Disc Golf video)

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Go deep in the game of Disc Golf with Discmania! Click the CC button for captions. In this first episode of the series, Professional Disc Golf players Avery …


xIUBUNTUIx says:

you didnt read the top comment, did you? YOU FAIL

trwMagnets says:

I can’t practice more than 30 minutes a day? 🙁

Trevor Rick says:

so 100% commitment = 0% result ?

rebelriderwv87 says:

Great video!

idkguy517 says:

practise lol 

FL2NC says:

Anyone else notice how when he on the cliff overlooking the Pacific that he says, “Putting is not the strongest part of my game..” then he goes on to tell US how he is going to help us “putt like a pro…”..??!?

Come to North Carolina and learn to play some real DG Avery!

pm2007est says:

thats weird cause I always threw it with a big jump over my shoulder, the no look no pass putt works ,

coolbutt7 says:

Can you make a video about hitting tunnel shots?

Miisi1977 says:

Did that first putt go in?

Hukka55 says:

I’m down with the wind, if you know what I mean. =) And also keep in mind that 100% commitment equals 0% result. No commitments, that’s the mantra. Just kidding, love the tips from Avery and Jussi, really helpful for a newbie like myself.

James Brewer says:

Top notch instructional video! 10 out of 10 video production quality.Great tips also.I’ll have to tell everyone I know to watch this one.Keep your chin up!

aerospaceace10 says:

You spelled practise wrong in the video!!! Its PRACTICE!! Not PRACTISE

RockinJoeDavis says:

disc fucker

Sean Puffer says:

one of the best putting videos i’ve ever seen. watch this anytime i have problems with putting. always fixes it

kizzaht says:

This is one of the better disc videos I’ve seen. Disc golf needs more high quality videos like this.

Chris Davies says:

“severally” = “many times”?

Perhaps you mean “severely”?

Chris Davies says:

Great video.

I can’t sink putts without a spinning push putt, and I have no idea how people make putts with a disc that’s barely spinning. Seems obvious to me: a non-spinning disc is extremely unstable (not understanble, just not stable!) is badly affected by wind, and they will not fly straight for more than just a few metres,

PhillipWasilewski says:

My favorite part is 6:35-6:50 when Avery totally ignores his woman after winning Worlds.

420Bigkahuna says:

This is like the best video 🙂 really helpful for practicing pros like myself

tschroty says:

Practise? Lol. Practice.

northwestblazinfire says:

by far the best instructional video ive seen, simple and on point.

William Pope says:

Love the production quality for sure. I like Discraft videos but these blow them away.

hungmanhtran says:

don’t know if i can practise, cause i’m too busy practicing…..lol

VlPrtn says:

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ – TRUST JESUS – LIVE FOR JESUS CHRIST and you will have everlasting life !

jake1260 says:

That’s his sister.

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