Disc golf putting: borrowing from the ball golfer’s routine

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Go to http://schoolofdiscgolf.com/category/disc-golf-instruction/ for a written blog entry accompanying this tutorial.


Stuart Grant says:

Great idea!!! Thx.

Disc Golf Nerd says:

I like it Im gonna give this a try for sure. Cheers

Chris Adams says:

I think it’s weird that you do that exaggerated exhale when you are doing the practice but actually hold your breath when you putt. You can see it clearly starting at around the 2:15 mark with the head on angle. Might be something you try to make more consistent to make it a more accurate pre-putt routine. Just a thought.

raiderrobb3867 says:

I’d miss so many putts if I just quickly switched hands with putter and launched disc….. grip position is as much if not more important part of putting dash well as weight transfer..focus in on throwing though the pole. and….that deep breath you should take before you launched disc…… so your warm up/ pretend/practicing motions.. should be sooner with a disc in your hand so you can also make sure. disc is flat /level. when you. launch foe real… this.no disc pre putt stuff is….B.S…

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