Dave Pelz helps you with your 3 foot putting

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www.GolfinHD.com http Be Sure to Like Us On www.facebook.com Short game guru, Dave Pelz, helps you shave strokes off your game by providing a drill for making more putts.


1BoomerTEE says:

DAVE…kudos to your teachings! But can you please help the SENIORS;not in teaching but in “awareness.” Similar to ARNOLD in his Prostate Awareness. We refer to “macular degeneration(AMD)” AMD a statistic that NOW surpasses Prostate in volumeric numbers(Novartis.com). Dave, help your boomer/senior friends to view:

link…Blue Light and Antioxidants
YOU TUBE(Photochromic transitions)
Many thanks

golffore79 says:

i hope companies start using the putting golf box to package their balls so golf balls will come with a free putting aid.

Kevin ROMMEL Zhao says:

Dave Pelz is awesome

agwb96 says:

The putting tutor is the best thing to practice your roll.

MsGewb says:

I find his huffing, puffing and lip/tongue smacking so annoying I can’t concentrate on the tips!

insidegolfmagazine says:

Thanks for taking your time to comment on our video. We really appreciate you as a viewer. You can defiantly find more Dave Pelz putting tips in our Golf Tip playlist.

TheNYgolfer says:

if you properly stroke a ball ( O ball rolls true with no wobble ) and the ball misses then it is not your aim that is wrong…..it’s your read that is wrong….big differance

geoffmangum says:

Jackie Burke created this drill and taught it to Phil Mickelson, so Dave Pelz’s claim that this is “his 3-foot circle drill” is typical self-serving misinformation. It’s not. Read Phil’s book on his Short Game, where he names Burke as his teacher. Pelz has a history of this sort.

insidegolfmagazine says:

Dave Pelz does not claim to have created this drill. Dave Pelz is a short game instructor and this is a good drill to help people improve. He uses this drill because it is such a great way to help people learn. You can’t sit here and act like just because someone else created no one else can use it. That’s like saying if you didn’t write the history book, than you cant teach the class. This is not “self-serving misinformation”, this is a teacher, teaching.

fonetic says:

He does say “my.” If I were teaching a history class, I wouldn’t say to the class that this is “my” book. It would imply that I wrote the text. At any rate, the “3-ft drill” is awesome. I’m actually on the way to the course to practice it now…

insidegolfmagazine says:

You are right, he does say “my” but he also says Phil Michelson uses this drill and he also personalizes the drill with the O-ball and the alignment aid. Maybe my explanation didn’t make as much sense as I thought it did. But the point didn’t evade you. I was simply trying to say who cares whos drill it is. It works and its great. This video is only here to help people.

geoffmangum says:

Pelz frequently “implies” that other people’s ideas and creations are “his”, and has done this since at least the early 1980s. At some point, it becomes noticeable and raises issues of trust.

Scooter6512 says:

I think you are taking the work “my” out of context. I believe he is using saying this is “my” go to drill for putting. I dont think he takes claim in inventing the drill.

gmonkey808 says:

very good video.

insidegolfmagazine says:

Thank you. Dave Pelz has always done great short game tips for us

Matthew Rees says:

ive seen people aimed left of the hole who say there aimed right of the hole…thats one of the reasons golf is so hard because half the time your doing the complete opposite of what you think your doing…fact vs feel

fade7foul says:

This +1. What I imagine in my head vs what I see on video is completely different!

insidegolfmagazine says:

What I imagine in my head and what I actually do, are completely different. lol

Caleb Lewis says:

dave pelz has the best job in the world

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