Dave Pelz Golf Tip Helps You with Lag Putting

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Short game guru, Dave Pelz, helps you by providing a drill for those pesky long putts. Free Golf Giveaways now @ http://www.GoLiveGolf.com or Follow Facebook…


jaxfl2 says:

Dave. That’s good if you always play on greens with the same green speed.
But, amateurs play on greens with a wide variety of green speeds, anywhere
from 5 to 12. My drills take the green speed into account. Also, you need
to factor in the rise or fall of the putt. These things can be calculated
and then translated into backstroke length. The stroke length then controls
how far the ball goes.

jaxfl2 says:

@bwreynolds72 My book has not yet been published. No one would buy it. I’m
not famous like Dave – yet. Once I demonstrate that my research and methods
produce superior putters and win tournaments I’ll sell you my first copy.
Come to the Golf Hall of Fame Putting Championships in the Spring and I’ll
sell you a first-edition autographed copy 😉

jaxfl2 says:

@micmayorga Thanks for the question. I’m sure Dave has a lot more to say
about lag putt drills than is shown in the video. I’m “respectfully” adding
to Dave’s lesson. My main point is that you can control distance by
relating backstroke length to the force required for the putt. Using a “Lag
Master” you can take all the practical factors you will face on your round
into account; distance, rise, fall, green speed and grain. I’ve done very
well in putting tournaments with this idea.

69jabber says:


Caleb Lewis says:

lol that was pure luck

Michael Mayorga says:

@jaxfl2 are you really challenging dave pelz?

shipuuga says:

ha! “-that was pure luck..”

bwreynolds72 says:

@jaxfl2 Where can I buy your book on putting? I have Dave’s, I just want to
compare the one you’ve written.

John Forbes says:

love the honesty!

bwreynolds72 says:

@69jabber if you’re a details guy, yes.

Jackson Golf Online says:

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