course vlog 3 holes #2

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me and my mate out doing a short 3 hole course vlog in balcarrick golf club….. the the movement towards improving…. – che…


Brendon Cornell says:

Who ever you are in the blue, you have an awesome swing. Old mate in the
orange is a good golfer but with an ugly swing. No offence! 

adampen2424 says:

@brendon cornell thanks for the comments man im sure there will be more
videos on the way- #imtheguyintheblue 😛 

JPGolfTV says:

Nice vid man just subbed you check out my Chanel 😀 a sub would be great :)

jbn45golf says:

Great vids!!! Subcribed and liked!! Can you check me out thanks!!!

Zack Lee says:

Great vid, more plz ;D

Pgatour Fokus says:

thanks man more coming for sure

awatermelon1 says:

Great vid, what the song called in the background?

Ash Almond says:

Great golfing talent!

Pgatour Fokus says:

@brendon cornell thanks for the comment i know my swing is not the best i
have to work on alighnment a bit and im only 5,6 so the clubs abit longer
for me thats why it looks abit awkward the other guy is adam hes a good
player hes of 5 im off 6 hes working on stuff too ill upload another vid at
the weekend telling people what were woking on . what do you think of the
vid and how could i improve on it thanks – jamie

Pgatour Fokus says:

+adampen2424 why would you use hashtags on you tube haha 

Pgatour Fokus says:

thanks man

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