Charles Barkley golf swing montage

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Jay Anderson says:


mt12450 says:

What a jackwagon!!!! LOL!!! More evidence that Auburn sucks!!!

LtColFantastic says:

maybe he wasn’t serious when he did this

LtColFantastic says:

like i mean its kinda obvious

Esco412602 says:

She called Charles Barkley pathetic…he is on of the greatest basketball players ever and you are no one. YOU ARE PATHETIC.

asbloodrunsblack4208 says:

Why does he do that

zezima489 says:

I remember when he actually had a decent swing but not its all fucked up lol

1381charlie says: Might be of a help.

jeryy161 says:

Holy shit its so funny he’s so bad he hit that guy hahaa

Enzyse Adamon says:

Looks like he thinks the ball is going to escape, so he’s waiting the time it stays on the tee

Enzyse Adamon says:

Does he have a hcp?

heckstersjr says:

Chuck’s Golf Swing>Chuck’s FTs

KesserCFC4eva says:

It’s like some kinda double-clutch swing

David Goodland says:

funniest video on youtube

Nerdy Blue says:

Lmfao..! What….the….hell…..

TheMachanga says:


Peter Cain says:

makes you just want to teach him how its done.

Matt Amos says:

Anytime I’m feeling sad, I just cue this up at the 30 second mark. Makes it all better.

neil1c2000 says:

Pump fake.

Energy5 says:

Video responses set to auto-approve. 

CooterPolluter18 says:

God Dammit.

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