Gareth Johnston shows how improving your takeaway plane will benefit your angle of attack and help you get a nice, neutral entry point in the bunker and allow you to splash the ball out of the sand onto the green.Take a look at the video to see the simple drill he uses with a cane training aid to help get the correct takeaway feeling. For equipment reviews, course descriptions, news, and more, visit the Today’s Golfer website: Subscribe to our channel: Today’s Golfer on Facebook:’s Golfer on Twitter:
Today’s Golfer – Improve Your Ball Striking
Hit your irons further! In this weeks “My Swing Analysis” Piers and Andy analyse a followers golf swing and talk about how to control your body and wrists to gain more distance. #myswinganalysis SUBSCRIBE to MeAndMyGolf to see more professional golf instructions, tips, and fun! COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next! Want a customized plan specific to your game improvement? Check out how to improve our game with MeAndMyGolf: Follow MeAndMyGolf 24/7 on social media: ▣ TWITTER – ▣ FACEBOOK – [More]
#GOLFMATES HERE ARE THE LINKS TO THE VIDEOS AND THE GOLF MAT MOE NORMAN VIDEO GOLF MAT UK / Europe USA DAVE TIPS VIDEO MAKE SURE YOU BECOME A GOLF MATE FOR FREE ►Follow me on Twitter: 👀Instagram: GOLF_VLOGS_UK 👀 Twitter: ———————- MY CAMERA GEAR PANASONIC CAMCORDER HX 870 X 2 SONY CYBER SHOT SMAL CAMERA GOPRO session 5 DJI Phantom 4 STRANDARD ABOUT ME: I’m Liam Harrison, Bolton born and bred. I’m a lover of Golf, life and laughter. Started Golf 12 years ago after packing in football when i was 28 [More]
In this video I give you a tip that Bob Vokey gave me. This one tip changed my short game forever and has helped me lower my scores, have more confidence and win numerous events. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts. My Membership Site ▶ Swing Caddie SC300 Discount Link ▶ Swing Caddie SC200 Discount Link ▶ PowerStick Here ▶ Motivo Golf Mat ▶ Net Playz Golf Net ▶ Volvik S4 Golf Balls ▶ Volvik S3 Golf Balls ▶ Travis Mathew [More]
See the complete letter at:     Letter from Jimmy to his Parents Dec. 1995 Dear Mom and Dad, With your reading of this letter, we begin a new phase in our relationship as parents and son. A phase that will be difficult at first and that will end, having brought us through a series of obstacles that will hopefully bring us much closer together. To begin with, I would like to reiterate how much I love and care for both of you. Better, more loving parents can’t exist anywhere. Your great support and unconditional love have guided me through good [More]
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The Swingyde is a simple but highly effective product which you can quickly and easily attach to any club and is used to guide you through a perfect swing. It is especially useful in teaching and developing your backswing.
Launch Pad Cooperative is presenting the third installment in a series of member artist shows. Entitled process(ing) | recall, the exhibition features new work by artists Jefferson Nelson and Ben Lock and will be on display from May 2 – June 13. According to Jefferson, “In my personal time pie chart the space for studio can best be described as a sliver, the kind where the words are outside the graph with a line pointing to them. I remember an anecdote about a man in solitary confinement who focused on his golf game during that time, upon release his golf [More]
Good leg strength will improve your game. Mike Malaska is one of the world’s most sought after instructors. He is the Worldwide Director of Instruction for Nicklaus Academies and is charged with training all of the Nicklaus instructors.