This video forms part of the Fitbitch Challenge Community – do it three times on day one Feb 1st, and then add one per day until the end of February. Video yourself doing it on day one, and then compare and contrast on the last day. As you can see, my form is NOT perfect. But this is about consistently putting in some kind of flexibility work to improve mobility and help prevent injuries from running
This is an introduction to my new “talking” blog as I call it. Essentially a short video describing my new “Back Story” video blog that will be posted weekly and maybe biweekly where I will talk about photographs I have taken. I may also talk about editing. Not a tutorial blog by any means. But rather like the name says just telling the backstory to the photo. The where, why, how and who of my photography. The sound is bad in this first video but will improve with time. This is my very first shot at putting voice over to [More] Practice Putting Green – Practice Putting Green to improve your game and swing.
It might not take as much antenna as you may think would be necessary to make two-way contacts on shortwave radio (as an amateur radio operator putting an HF transceiver on the air). However, often, makeshift antennae are effective enough to be viable. Just look at all the contacts many amateur radio operators make with their low-power (QRP) rigs (transceivers) using short, helically-wound, mobile antenna sticks. If they can work magic with such inefficient antenna setups, surely your effort at an antenna would pay off to some degree. Right? Of course, I want to make a proper dipole out of [More]
Here is my 1st age-reduction Vfx TEST in Nuke. I’ve decided not to apply any facial markers, to challenge myself (and make my life more difficult). It’s a 100% work in 2D space. There are a few things i would like to improve, but I felt like it was time to move on. A big thanks to the beautiful actress Michele Valley, who trusted me with putting a Nip-Tuck spell on her image. Nuke & MochaPro Shot on the Nikon V1 Copyright: Rousselos Aravantinos
Alex Ludeman, teaching professional at Burnaby Mountain Golf Course shows us a great pre-round putting drill designed to quickly learn the speed of the greens that day
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If your golf putting stroke needs some work, this putting drill is one of the best golf putting tips to help your short game, and will teach you how to putt better in golf immediately! Learn how to lower your golf scores: Usually the best golf tips are the simplest ones, and this drill helps you work on your putting stroke with a simple Sharpie. While your golf putting stroke mechanics are much slower and more deliberate than a full golf swing, it still is a swing nonetheless. One of the most overlooked aspects of your putting stroke path [More]
Get a perfect putting stroke with Putting Tips with Andy Gorman and some ways you can practice your putting at home. How to train a perfect putting stroke and posture for the Best Putting Technique Ever, Simple, Reliable And find yourself being able to hole more short putts Ultimate simple golf lessons. This putting tip from an expert short game and putting coach Andy Gorman shares a secret that works on the PGA tour and weekend warriors alike. Using the wall will help you keep your eyes still will help you hole more putts with a stable posture but [More]