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Impact Golf Malaysia: Eric Chong is a golf club craftsman of epic proportions. I went for a lesson playas. I needed to sort out some things that had been on my mind. I want to – stop humping the ball – stop swaying all over the place (some sway is normal, but not what I was doing) – remove pain from my body after golf. I often peel myself out of bed in the morning after golf from pain on my right lower, middle and upper back into my neck. – make impact IMPACTFUL and not a lottery by [More]
This week I provide you with a really easy golf tip that will help both your driver swing and iron swing. If you find yourself hitting the ground behind the golf ball with your irons and slicing your driver this simple golf tip is for you. I like it because its something you can take straight to the golf course. PRACTICE PLAN Here is your practice plan for this weeks video. Hope you enjoy. If you are new to the channel you can subscribe for free here: Join My Facebook Community here: WATCH NEXT ○ Golf Swing Made [More]
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