In this clip Jay explains how to effectively putt from off of the green. This situation arises quite often in golf and it’s important to be able to depend on this shot when needed. Join us at as PGA member Jay Golden gives some easy and effective tips for improving your golf game.
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3 Pro Putting Tips for Amateur Golfers Have you ever watched a tour professional effortlessly sink a putt and wonder to yourself, “What do they know that I don’t?” As a PGA teaching professional who works with amateurs and tour pros alike, I can tell you that even the pros struggle with putting. No matter how effortless their putting looks to you, they are working to overcome many of the same challenges you are. They don’t have a special secret or know an innovative technique. They simply know the best way to practice their putts. Even the best players constantly [More]
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EASY GOLF PUTTING TIPS AND DRILLS: – Want to start holing more putts from inside 10 feet at home? This indoor putting challenge will help you do just that. Try these simple golf tips and easy golf putting drills to quickly improve your golf putting. This is a great golf putting tip for beginners but also for golfers of all abilities who are looking to improve holing out those clutch 10-foot putts. Do you struggle with your putting or is it actually the strongest part of your game? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete golf beginner tell us [More]
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Rolling that little white ball into that little white hole isn’t as hard as you think. The trick is to strike the ball in the same place with the center of the putterface every time. I do it with a pop-style stroke, an old technique that’s helped me