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In this video, Adrian Fryer gives us a putting tip. For more instruction, go to
We continue our look into what the Apostle Paul is telling the early church to ‘put on’ as the new attitudes, actions and habits of those who follow Christ. He lists out some new traits that are to mark our lives and living. Such as compassion, kindness, humility, thankfulness and forgiveness. We can let go of old habits because we’re engaged in the practice of replacing them with new. All in thanks to Jesus’ work within us. Jesus always leads his followers toward better things…
World number three Stacy Lewis was frustrated with her putting performance after the opening round of the Ladies Dubai Masters
In this video, we take a look at how to successfully roll a tyre. For more instruction, go to
There are a lot of factors that go into making a successful golf putt, but how often do you think of where your eyes are when you putt? Focusing on where you position your eyes when you make a putt can help you start finding more consistency on the putting greens! To Purchase the Rimer, visit: Learn how to lower your handicap fast: The best golf putters in the world visualize the ball falling into the bottom of the cup, and the way they do that is by positioning their eyes in the proper position in the putting [More]
SINGLE FIGURE PUTTING LESSON, In todays Journey video with Michael as he attempts to get to single figures we work on his putting and try to improve his stroke for lower scores. Watch as we talk about wrists and set up for improved golf putting to help him get rid of those 3 putts. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips and instruction for all golfers.
The secret to creating a true golf ball roll when putting. Getting the golf ball to roll truly is indeed a skill that will improve your putting and lower your golf score. In this video golf tip.Brian Fitzgerald the golf doctor shows you how to get the ball rolling end over end when putting. It is not as hard as you think. 🔴 My short game shot selection video can be found at ========================= Fore more information you can visit: 🔴 Subscribe to My Channel 🔴 Book a golf lesson 🔴 Download my FREE report on My [More]
***FREE Video Series and WATCH THIS METHODOLOGY TO SEE IF IT’S RIGHT FOR YOUR GAME.–CLICK BELOW *** One of the most difficult things any player will encounter in their short game revolves around getting the ball on line in the event of a breaking putt. Working through breaking putts can be very challenging for golfers of all skill sets, but there are a variety of methods that players can use to pull off a great putt even on a break. George Gankas golf lessons have captivated the minds of golfers from around the world, leading to countless players sharing [More]
Successful putting boils down to two crucial elements – speed and line. For a putt to find the bottom of the cup, you have to be incredibly precise, applying just the right amount of force to the ball and rolling it in just the right direction. Speed control takes time to master. You can develop this skill with experience and smart practice, like the use of ladder drills that will hone your sense of touch on the greens. Rolling the ball on the correct starting line can be even trickier. It requires consistent, square contact with the ball at impact [More]