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PGA Professional Mark Crossfield answers a viewers question about improving your putting and what are the best ideas tips and drills to go about making the change. Learn how to lower your score and improve your golf game with better putting ideas and practices.

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Brandon says:

Like any skill, putting can be improved with practice. I do find putting to be totally feel based. It's no longer about simply swinging the club hard and watching it fly in a predictable path and distance like I do from tee to 80 yards. With putting, there is only the database I build in my head of feelings pertaining to how hard I hit the ball and how much I think the ball will roll one way or another on a green. So I think it can be practiced and improved upon, but the corrections are very unique to me and my feelings. I don't think anyone else can tell me how hard to hit a putt before I've struck it. There is no measurable gauge of power. There's no gears to shift into. There are only feelings. That's what makes it tough.

James Adcock says:

Sometimes u feel quite comfortable on a putt other times u feel uncomfortable it's a mental thing like the rest of the game. I'm a beginner hit my best shot so far to the centre of the green on a par 3. but was not aware there was water at the front and right of the green. but now the hole stresses me knowing the water is there. the water is now a magnet for my ball.

Johnny Apple Seed says:

I only got better at putting when I learned to lag my long putts into a 3 foot circle around the pin……Feel, roll, reading break, and squaring the putter face all came to me as a result……….Good putting is essentially distance control and face control.

Under no circumstances, do I stand on the practice green and watch myself miss shorter putts over 3 feet …..I practice those short ones at home in a controlled environment….3 feet of different types on my putting mat…Then 4, 5, 6…….I also roll 50 putts over a dime from a foot away, as a warm up before I start my practice routine.

Geoff Coombs says:

Ive practiced short putts alot around 3-5 feet and ive definitely improved in that area but my longer putting is not improving from practice im not sure why

Don Kirk says:

Interesting that the great Bernhard Langer is very briefly shown at the end of this video, and there's not one word from him about his phenomenal career putting. Bernhard Langer has won at least nine of the last ten years' European Championships, and his putting stats constantly put him in the top ten on the European Champions Tour (isn't he #1 in putting for the past six years in a row, a world record?). One way to improve putting is to try to emulate some of the unique putting techniques of the top pro putters, and find out which of their unique techniques, if any, are personally helpful. For example, Bernhard Langer putts with his shaft at 79-80* lie angle, which is most unusual and right at the maximum lie angle permitted in the rules; Steve Stricker putts with his shaft held at 74*, even though his putter is constructed at the standard 70* lie angle; Luke Donald swivels his head to lead the stroke into impact, a heresy for most instructors who are nowhere close to Luke's record (three #1 rankings in putting, and the best five-year putting record in the history of the American tour); Brad Faxson bends his knees slightly into the impact (another heresy, by the #1 putter on tour for three years out of a five year stretch); Jordan Speith practices lag-putting by putting though a four-inch gate half-way to the hole (consistently among the top putters on the tour, especially from distance). Putting styles are too many to count, and both 'block' putting practice and 'creative' putting practice work. Mark and Coach are exactly correct: putting skills can be improved. Would've been nice to have Bernhard Langer's very expert opinion.

omar khan says:

Its simple, if you have fun in putting you will be good at it.

Robert Turner says:

Thanks guys, that's changed my drills practice

Ken B says:

all I am doing is trying to slow the rot – me too 🙂

Tomsolomon111 says:

Practice breeds confidence, confidence equals better results. I spend 10-20 minutes every day if I can, just practicing 3' and 6' putts on my auto return putting machine I very rarely miss a 3" putt on a real green any more and it has improved my putting overall. I still miss the 6 footer , but I'm getting better. My playing partner gets annoyed when I just step up to a 3' putt and don't even set up for it. It's all confidence. And that comes from practice….

BeachBow says:

I think getting the ball started on your line is the first step. After you're confident on that, speed is the 2nd step. Reading the greens is a whole different set of skills that I don't really include in putting practice. JM2C

Richard James says:

Totally agree with the vlog message – it's not about relentless practice practice practice – it's all about feel – get a good grip of the club and you do need to know and have confidence in your putting stroke to knock in the 3 footers – but pace and line ( I know it sounds obvious) is what it's about – if you're 30 ft away lagging it up to the hole for a par/net par is job done – that's what needs to be practised – remember 60/70% of shots are from 100 yards in and most amateurs are rubbish at putting and from 100 yards in – I rest my cass – practise chipping & putting and you are. 12 handicapper! Sorted!!!!!!

Michael Freeburn says:

Practice makes permanent not perfect. If you practice a bad stoke you will make it permanent. You need to find out your issues fix them with a change then practice the change until it is comfortable. My problem at the moment is I can see the putter head wobble in the back stroke and I don't know how to stop it.

e james says:

if you practice nothing but 25 footers and 3 footers then………….your averages go way up. Assuming that "holing' a 25 footer means getting inside a 3 foot diameter radius.

e james says:

get yourself a kuchar putter and grip it like a normal putter with your 2 hands and let the butt of the shaft rest on your left hip. Now……the plane's locked in, innit? Experience what it's like to stroke a putt with zero head movement. It just might be a revelation to you….

Jim Saddler says:

My current instructor is teaching me "how to practice", which I think is very important. I spend quite a bit of time at the range, watching golfers "banging" balls, hitting putts, etc. with no rhyme or reason to their "practice" session. This was a good instruction video on how to practice your putting. Practice sessions at the range should be so much more than just banging a bucket of balls! Great video Mark!

ceklahn says:

Drill short distance for confidence and practice lag putts for green reading and pace. Both will lower score more so than trying to hammer a bucket full of drives.

Richard Dugan-Starr says:

I like coach’s thinking about this better than Mark’s.

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