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Better tempo , better golf swing. In this weeks impact show PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman show you hot to create a better tempo for your golf swing by using you body to create a better wind up in the back swing.

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CoughingPig says:

And if you really want a slower tempo, just go for the '' FORE !! Watch-out-over-there!!''   Anyway, great vids guys, you rock !


Didn't get this one. Thought it would be on speed of takeaway. Turn &  burn. Starting down with feeling hands more than body.

Mike Boucher says:

Went from firing 88,90 in first 2 tournaments to a 107 in the third. Irons were all over the place. Help

Vincent Coleman says:

I've been doing this for many years and many people have admired the pace of my backswing, only difference is I count to "3" as in the Waltz dance (Showing my age now 🙂 I feel I'm fully loaded at the top of my backswing and the grip is resting on my left thumb (RH/Golfer). Fly fisherman use this thumb method also in casting the fishing line. Now 61 yrs old and still hold a 5 Hdc.
Great video as always.

In The Rough says:

I love the take charge tempo system. Im going to do this in my head silently because i tend to get anxious.

kristianholm88 says:

Have you guys ever tried to go for the open or tour ?… you dont seem half bad 🙂 ;:D

J. García says:

Once again, great clothing! Who is your Taylor?

Marc Newman says:

Many thanks. Had an awful round today and this was such a hinderance. This really helps understanding the problem and hopefully fix it.

Eka E says:

As being a golf player for more than 20 years, it is my dream to break 90. I wasn`t able to attain an outstanding round for the last 3-4 years until I finished reading these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). I`m not effective when utilizing my irons. I could handle driver properly but can only reach a limited distance.

baseballsux says:

description says "… you hot to create….." should be "how"

Sally Pexton says:

You guys are helping me follow my dreams

Olle Lindberg says:

2:34 – the moment when the tee border separates Andy's legs from his body!

Drew Hall says:

HOLY CRAP…..that simple TAKE CHARGE immediately showed how I over swing!!!  Awesome!!!

Stanley Gordon says:

I find myself holding my breath

Ryl Win says:

here's several things for ways to improve your golf
Practise your golf swing in slow motion
Position your feet properly
discover the correct body posture
(I discovered these and the reasons they work on Gavs Golf Tactic site )

Jason Langley says:

Wonderful advice

Russell David Oakley says:

I see most tour Pros are swinging about 1 sec from address to impact. My backswing is 1.5 seconds, downswing 0.2 secs. Should I speed up the backswing? When I do it feels rushed, as does the transition.

James Dale Copeland says:

Rory swings with a 230 tempo… I highly doubt this girl is swinging anywhere near that. If anything she would probably benefit from a faster tempo. But in 1231 time.


Actually I hasten my downswing, and take my eyes off ball – on the course. Not at the range. Not the backswing.
A full swing tempo drill would be helpful for me

John J says:

I’m going to say “1 2” so I don’t sound like a lunatic at the driving range lol

Nevie Ortega says:

Mutt and Jeff. They have no fricken idea! How to fuck up your game, they know that.

ツIlikemuffins says:

I got a golf AD

tms299 says:

Of all the golf videos I’ve watched, this simple video might be one of the most helpful for me. The take charge thing help me immensely.

sawy78 says:

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Best luck

sawy78 says:

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