Better Golf With A Good Shoulder Turn

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Close Improve your golf by understanding how to use your shoulder turn for control. improve your golf strikes with a good shoulder turn that is linked to the club and your arms.


FairwayJack says:

Good stuff. Very knowledgeable

MMuunncchhiieess says:

very good lesson

justjames1111 says:

Nice swing!!

amadan34 says:

thanks, hope it works

yankee76 says:

Mark I find your tips and lessons the easiest to implement..Thanks from Fairfield Connecticut, USA

hoopitupfh says:

Mark – your videos are outstanding, and you are a really wonderful golf instructor. Thanks much. From the USA!

Golferperson1 says:

Mark, Great vids!!! Every time I make my shoulder turn my left arm stays straight, but my right arm and wrists break down causing my swing to go past parallel to the ground and the target line. Any advice? Thanks from the USA!!!

freddyfunk999 says:

your vids are the best ive been watching them for years. I just got back from the open in sandwich.  This is the third time ive seen tour pros hit the ball…i just dont get it!! the ball flight is so different from amatuers – it;s like a fighter plane souring across the ground and rising…and rising…and rising – with no effort !! i know its clubhead speed – but how do they do that?? its really bothereing me – im human and so are they!! i dont undderstand!!!!!!!!!!

TheCapetiger says:

Great lesson as always. I have a full shoulder turn but my club does not go back fully ie horizontal. is this a fault? If i try to get it back horizontal my timing is way off.

nikepumps123 says:

keep it short!!!!!! what you have is ideal man

Andrew Linch says:

Very good tip used this one to shoot a nice 5 under 67 [23 putts helped lol]
ps I can not be the first to say you look and sound like Chris Evans [ could be a part time job as a double] .
Good tips simply put

robiscool09 says:

My friends were saying that my front foot lifts in my backswing. I recorded myself and I was doing it to gain a further backswing, I have done some mid back stretching and now my feet stay flat while i have the same backswing range 🙂

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