Better Golf Ball Striking Starts with This Golden Visual (Vertical Line Swing)

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Learn more about the Vertical Line Golf Swing here:

In this golf lesson, we show you how to get better golf ball striking by
– getting the proper golf ball position for irons
– controlling the low point for your irons
– getting a more vertical line swing on your golf takeaway
– and how the 60/40 method golf setup can help you get proper pressure movement

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Ken Kohl says:

Good suite of iron tips – thanks. I’ll put to use this afternoon.

Golf Fam says:

Awesome. Back to basics. Easy to get caught up in 1000 different swing thoughts. Taking to the range today to get back on track!

Peter Gaan says:

Subscribed to the 60/40 weight a bit ago from your vids. Compress the ball so much better and become a more consistent ball striker – thanks!

Nathan Frisby says:

What can I do to make me shift my weight to my left leg, I find myself almost always shifting my weight back to the right foot at impact. It causes me to lose distance and hit high shots.

Dan Corun says:

Todd, I've played 4 rounds since the Vertical Swing, 60/40 (hip bump) and position vids and I'm hitting my irons better than I ever have. It's so simple and I haven't had to make a major overhaul to my swing. Thank you again.

Omar J. Reyes says:

Very good lesson and tips. Thanks!

Robert Eller says:

Todd. I think its important that you know you really do help some people here. Im 65 and recovered from a broken back. I practice and work at it more than anyone I know. All phases of my game are gelling because I watch, listen and apply things. My driver went astray and I have spent 3 weeks trying to understand what happened. My instructor couldnt even get it. I was watching you this morning and you just dropped a quick note about "if you want a wider stance, go ahead" Went to my fav course today. Lotta water and jungle. Mishits are punished. I have a great swing with all my clubs. Great driver swing too. Just something was missed. First long hole, 267 yards over water. I teed it up, spread my stance about 4 inches water, gritted my teeth and watched it sail 241 yards. Thought it was just a fluke. Next hole, 311 yards. Right down the middle, slight fade 221 yards. Cipped it up, one putted for a birdie. Swear to God it was that simple. I didnt miss a single fairway and what was a par 33 course, became a 35 for me. Moral here, you have to work hard hard hard at this game to be good. Listen, look learn. Than k you Todd. That one simple thing turned the corner for me.

Fox says:

Best video that I have seen. Thank you

Randy Montrose says:

Hi Todd, all your stuff is great and just feels so natural. In the segment from about 3:00 to 4:00 we take the club straight back which I like a lot. As far as nuance goes, with the Vertical Line Swing we use a slightly closed stance, so should that bring the takeaway slightly more to the inside, or still just straight back, or should it be a feel thing? Thanks

David Osband says:

Hello Todd, find myself watching and rewatching your vertical swing videos in trying to get back into golf after at least ten years, and several surgeries. Sioux Falls is out of the question for me; wondering if you have a suggestion for a possible academy for a week or so emersion.
Your vertical swing is the only thing working for me. At 66, too many others are teaching processes and procedures I find my body not enjoying. Thank you Sir, for your marvelous videos, your split cinematography helps greatly. Respectfully, David Osband

M A says:

Brilliant illumination that many others omit to demonstrate – thank you


Todd, I have been trying the vertical line swing to help with lower back problems. I have noticed that I now have a tendancy to hit a fade or even a slice, when I used to hit a natural draw. Is there a drill that I can use to insure a more inside to out swing?

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