Backswing Shoulder Turn For Better Golf Shots

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Get Mark’s iPhone App Get Mark’s Android App Like Mark Crossfield on Facebook Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter Backswing Shoulder Turn For Better Golf shots. Mark Crossfield helps more golfers improve their golf swings with this video golf lesson. Watch as Mark talks about shoulder turn and how to improve your backswing with a better shoulder turn. Get your backswing and downswing on plane for straighter golf shots with your driver and your irons. Hit more greens and fairways with Mark Crossfield’s simple and easy to follow golf instruction.


toddx318 says:

love the new intro!

zWickedd says:

Hi Mark 🙂 i am a 23 handicapper and it was my birthday yesterday , as a present i plan to get a new set of irons off my parents , i am just wondering what would be the best set to get ? i am stuck between the taylormade superlaunch irons and the nike machspeed irons 🙂 i would appreciate it if you could reply to this comment with an answer and some advice , thank you

kyle9256 says:

not 2 sure about the music at the end

ThatIsGoodOJ says:

Get the mach speeds! They’re super easy to launch up in the air.

Wsj1994 says:

Thanks a lot for reviewing my swing!

I will give it a shot at the range tomorrow.

aasshh183 says:

Hi Mark,

Great video as usual. You’ve helped me improve since i took up golf, which is relatively recently! I was wondering could you do a video on how ones’ set up might be different when you have a ball which is lying at an angle; by that i mean, be it slightly below the level of your feet or above.
Thanks, keep up the great work.

Tim MacDermot says:

Hi Mark, i went to see a pro about my swing and he said my shoulders were getting to steep. Whats the best way to gauge the angle of your shoulders? Cheers Tim

ps Keep up the great vids

Azander7696 says:

hey mark you should do a video on chipping and putting( short game)

hsh24892 says:

Can you do a video teaching us how to hit the ball farther?

stingray11x says:

help on how to improve your golf score.

ali52373 says:

If you want to improve your golf swing significantly, get a better score in golf, and possibly become a pro! Check out the link below!!

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