Automatic Putting Stroke

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Start draining putts under pressure using this trick to free up your arms and keep them from taking over.

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Automatic Putting Stroke

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Bunker Lesson | Open Face Vs Closed Face

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Chipping Vs Pitching

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Automatic Putting Stroke


Vivito IsRight says:

Amazing tip! Thank you

matt smith says:

I missed your switch from Rotary swing.

Jerry Macias says:

Dude you nailed it… when I started using my shoulders. It really help my over active hands… and putts started rolling in… all I work on now is distance control. That helped with 3 putts.. great lesson

T Beck says:

Another great video. I like to think of usining the muscles around my spine. Never tried the shoulders.

e james says:

the kuchar putter felt really mechanical to me but , now that I've practised some with it, I'm starting to develop some feel and flow to the stroke.

Jeff Wu says:

is that Clay? I almost switch to a different videos. New Year New look. !! Thanks, Clay for the nice Video.

TeddyCavachon says:

Is your putter face balanced or toe biased?

Sandra C says:

Come play in Cairo. We’re watching you here.

walter bresnen says:

i played yesterday it was 60 degrees out in pa, i was hitting off the tee good but my short game totally was gone my short game great for the longest time then i was just coming up not hitting ball like i should

Tomplex says:

Hi clay, what is the putting mirror thing called and where can I buy it from. Also, what is the ruler pendulum to align your putting called and where can I buy that from. Thanks, I subscribed and really like all your videos you’ve dramatically improved my game and I’m playing off a handicap of 9 now.

Camryn Hernandez says:

You’re stroke is so damn pure. Left more jealous than determined, ha ha!

Tone Fingerz says:

So funny i did that 5 mins ago and thot i invented this concept

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