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Close Thanks for watching these GolfProgress sample swings which were recorded in August 2010. I’m focused on improving my golf game ov…


Paul Tudor says:

Hi Nick
Nice swing. Looks very right sided. The thing I see causing a problem with your turn is the angle of your head at address. It blocks your shoulders and restricts your turn. I do internet lessons if your interested. I am sure I can help you improve it

jeff friar says:

Hi Nick, I’m a teacher too. To me it seems as though your biggest problem is not on your back swing, in fact it looks really good. At impact your right arm should be more bent driving through the ball but it is nearly strait which robs you of club head speed and you have released a lot of your potential energy to kinetic energy before impact. I would suggest you get those hips turning faster in the down swing and focus on lagging the club longer.

jeff friar says:

Like in martial arts, you don’t hit at the board but through it. In order to accomplish this you need to get your right shoulder into the shot. From the top of your swing focus on driving your right elbow and shoulder through the ball. The bottom of your swing should be about a foot past the ball where both arms are extended. The reason you have trouble with long irons is because you are coming close to scooping at the ball when you need to drive downward at it and they don’t have much loft

jeff friar says:

You are so close to being great! Practice hitting an impact bag at medium speed. Think of your right arm as a piston trying to reach full extension a foot after the ball. When you hit the bag and stop, look it your left wrist and right elbow. Your right elbow should be bent at about a 45 degree angle and left wrist flat facing the target and right shoulder further down to help drive also. There is a strong correlation between lagging the club and low handicaps. Watch some pro’s in slow mo.

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