Analyze My Putting

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This is a video of my putting. I have been struggling on the greens recently, and want to know if my fundamentals have awry. Please input flaws or anything e…


WackyGolfer says:

try to put youre shoulders parralel to the target line, at first u will be
pushing te ball but try to rock you shoulders instead of turning them give
a little time to adjust your self to a rocking motion instead of turning
(rome wasn’t build in one day 😉 ) u have a face balanced putter for a
straight stroke so use the clubs on the floor to let the backswing and
follow through to be straight good luck

WackyGolfer says:

hello the grip. try to use te reverse overlap grip with you fingers around
the grip instead of on the grip. Buy a shorter putter. u say u ball
position is on youre left heel thats about right between your left eye en
left shoulder.Put ure eyes above the ball ( easy check let a baal drop
under ur eye down to the ground if it hits the its okay or else move closer
ore futher away)

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