AJ Bonar Driver Lesson and Stan Leonard's Secret | Be Better Golf

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AJ Bonar talks about the driver and making “the move” with the hands (top of face over the bottom of the face) through impact. Also talks about Canadian Golf legend Stan Leonard’s key which was to cup the left wrist at set up and bow it through impact. Stan was good friends with Ben Hogan who did that same wrist cupping move but at the top of his swing. AJ contends they both did that so they could aggressively bow the wrist through impact without any fear of hooking it.

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Pleroma says:

Driver ball position for irons?

swat743 says:

Ask AJ does the open face work for half swing shots

Kirk Clements says:

when you piece all of the actual swing theory in the BBG/AJ videos you get hogan 1948 – if you actually pay attention

Klaus Klaus says:

hi brandon … if you had a friend, single capper who asked you to recommend one teacher out of the pros you had lessons with … would you go with aj … or somebody else … ?

Grand Marlon Doria says:

You got so many pros you dont know what the hell you are doing. Too much analysis lead to paralysis. Just play the game.

jaxortjackie05 says:

Does he mean slowing your hands down swinging forward? Or does he mean slowing your hands down top over the bottom rotating? It’s weird but speeding up the rotation of your hands also makes the hands move forward faster too! Handle ahead, etc.

Rick Hearn says:

Hit it low is a great swing thought. I hit it higher when I think hit it lower. It does take eye hand coordination but that’s what golf is all about.

Felix Vazquez-Rivera says:

The problem I have is your camera is to far away to see what's being shown and is not being explained very well,you are benefiting from the instructions, not me so you need someone to assist you with the filming.

Gorden Scottfan says:

Like the simple idea to teach your self how to hook/slice the ball by controlling the face that bit is good for any type swing…and the comment about the 90 yard toss of the football by Daly, he did not mention that ball would have sliced or hooked into the stands.

Billy Graham says:

Ben Hogan seemed to have instructed us to keep the right elbow in the lead well into the downswing to eliminate that thing where the clubhead starts passing the hands too soon. So you might try that to eliminate that problem in your swing if you have that problem. I don't recall Hogan ever teaching a "cupped" wrist. But only skimmed through Hogan teaching material.

Richard Croft says:

funny thing is that I was constantly taking my eyes from AJ to watch the moving spots on the scree, the hot air balloons in the distance!

rehan ashraf says:

A J you r a legend. I’m 6 handicap my natural shot is draw but when my game goes wrong it turn into duck hook shots. I had so many lessons but since i watch this video man I can’t explain my feelings. Thanks very much for explaining in such details.

brock300wsm wsm says:


curtjester1 says:

Interesting how we teach ourselves using motion terminologies as well as geometric's. Mine are different than A.J.'s even though I appreciate his. I would love in my mind's eye like to be questioning him back and forth like this.

Rick Hearn says:

Still one of my favorite videos. When the light went off for the student he felt invincible, that’s what a teacher is supposed to achieve.

John Powell says:

Awesome stuff and I get it now…having the top of the club move over the bottom speeds everything up. Thanks.

John Powell says:

"It's easy to be precise in this game and you don't need to be." Wow…now that is wisdom. I'm taking that to the bank.

Eric Oberg says:

By cupping wrist and slightly opening face at address and holding cupped wrist throughout swing worked great for me! I am able to take away left side of course when done properly. Praise the Lord.

PatBuckleyracecar says:

Cupping the wrists at set up is very interesting – maybe an unintended consequence, but I have found that it results in a fantastic transition.

The Korean Guy says:

But I gotta say, cupping still made his swing a million times better

Alexander Kang says:

Fifteen years ago I watched AJ Reveals The Truth About Golf. Soon after, I hit a hole in one. That hole in one won me a 7 series BMW which I sold right away which then allowed me (a poor young man living in Manhattan) to buy a Tiffany engagement ring for my girlfriend. God had a plan for me to marry that girl, and it all started with AJ Bonar. Lol.

Golf Nutter says:

Why not have the bunch balls on your workstation instead of 5 yards in front of it ?

kbkesq says:

Great content- love how you’re going to all the YouTube gurus!

fontking1a says:

A.J. in talking about Stan Leonard's secret is actually more or less describing "The Hogan Twist". Hogan wanted to open the club as fast and as far as he could in the backswing. Obviously it worked for him. It also works for me. There are some videos on youtube that explain all about it.

Jeremy Maarman says:

“You gotta get born again” AJ Boner

I loved that as it is profound on many levels

Vinson Shinabery says:

hi Brandon. Thanks for video. Wrist set up is logicaly sound. My next range day, I'm going to have fun doing this move. It didn't work way back when for me because I never knew that the center of the clubface needs to hit the center of the ball to work the ball in any shape. Otherwise, I could have got good results. This video reminded me of this, which I actually discovered a year ago, but didn't think about it on the range! Thanks for this video. A J sure is a likable and great instructor. Bought Truth about Golf when it came out in 2003.

Vinson Shinabery says:

If you attack the inside quadrant of the ball at impact, the center of the clubface remains the proper point of contact. Probably not a lot of difference in flight from center of contact of the ball. Center being in relation to you and the target line.

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