Adjustable Golf Driver Heads Do They Work Loft

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Adjustable Golf Driver Heads Do They Work Loft with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark continues his ajustable driver thoughts with a the sec…


ahastar1141 says:

hey mark, i am new to your channel but i couldn’t help but notice that you dont demo some brands, is that just for the fact there just isnt much demand from your channel? like i would love to see something done on the Adams line of hybrids. They are always talked about as being the leader in hybrid clubs and i would love to hear your opinion on how they feel and perform. I would especially like to hear this on the Adams A12 and A12OS as well as the new Super hybrid. Thanks Mark!

seventy7celica says:

Great point well made mark!

Michael Sutton II says:

Nice opinion . Good luck to you .

Michael Sutton II says:

i understand, and for a long time i was that way . Had the exact same situation. Either you could try to do it during your round, or continue, and never progress . I would recommened doing like hank haney says. Make 50- 100 swings a day contiously trying to make your swing change. This takes less than five minutes, and can be done in your backyard, or in a clear spot in your house. that, will work

fatboystudios08 says:

I really enjoy your videos mark. You are one of the best in Youtube Golf. keep up the good work. I am using a d3 because of your recommendations. Thank you.

gbvoul says:

teach a beginner with Blades and Persimmon and they’ll learn to swing well. give a beginner G20s and they’ll suck regardless of score

ZeroSumJ1 says:

These vids are great Mark. Beginning golfers need to realize the equipment plays a much smaller part than the fundamentals of their swing. Loft doesn’t matter if you can’t swing consistently.

ZeroSumJ1 says:

agreed. i think game improvement tech should be used after you develop strong fundamentals. I learned on a vintage set of blades from the 1970s.

dairniel says:

Like I said in the other video about the adjustable close/open face, I think these are a bit of a gimmick. 0.75degree is hardly going to improve your shot a noticeable amount. Just use a 3wood if you can’t hit a driver, or just buy a 12degree driver if you feel the need to. Easy. Or am I missing something?

cpgdaarfob says:

Hey mark. Are you ever going to do a what’s in the bag video? I’m sure you’ve read all the comments asking for it. thanks

lmolinero says:

hey mark, if you can control your angles of attack maybe this technology would be usefull to control spin rates. am i right?

Patrick Carter says:

What about spin rates? For instance if the launch angle is12 degrees for two different clubs but in situation 1. you have hit a 12 deg driver level 2. you have hit a 8.5 Driver with 3.5 upswing. Does the back spin stay the same or does it change. If it changes what would be considered a better option and why?

Lachlan Mcdougall says:

Hey mark just a little question about the taylormade rbz 3 woods. What are the some of the shaft option ???? Thanks

MrJhill76 says:

You have got to be one one the best teachers period. I learned so much over the years. Thank you for another great lesson

Andrew Caito says:

hey mark,
just wondering if you would be able to do a slow-motion video of your swing. I’ve been watching your swing a lot to try and help fix mine, and a slow-motion video would greatly help me see all the mechanics of a good golf swing. cheers!

MegaEmul says:

Adams speedline fast 12 ls driver.

Sword ofDobar says:

Mark haven’t you just proved that custom fitting is pretty pointless if you have a different angle of attack on every swing?

travis8352 says:

i have a question can you compare the nike sq sumo 5000 and 5900 with the dymo and dymo 2 and machspeed with the machspeed black round and square driver

mckenzie mcdermid says:

hello mark about three weeks ago i bought a callaway razar x tour hybrid please do a review on it i love this club and i think others would to ! do some hybrid reviews like adams and callaway

Rune Furelid says:

hey Mark. Really enjoy watching your videos. I´ve learned a lot the last months from watching them. Just went from 13,2 to 11,5 hcp the last month, much thanks to you! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Rune.

deftkev says:

Mark, I think we can apply the same logic as you did in the 1st vid; these clubs do not work magic and will not correct a golf swing that is terribly flawed. The flexibility is more useful for an experienced golfer using the tech to tweak the finer points of their game. I have the R11s and I love that I can change the loft. I know I need to be in the 8-10 deg range.I did not want to buy a 8 deg driver thinking it may be too low.I was able to buy 9.5 deg and experiment with 8 deg. 8.75 is perfec

freddie diaz says:

hi mark long time watcher i was wondering if you can help me out im a 21.2 hc but the part of my game that is hard is my driver iv had a lot of them and they end up going in my bag and staying there my 3 wood i can hit very well is there a drill that i can start doing for my driver

shredx81 says:

A player who starts learning with a set of blades will really appreciate the help that cavity backs can give you, but he’ll hurt his wrists often & might not improve his handicap at the same rate as his friends, lose interest & give up. I see a lot of people starting golf & immediately buying a bag full of forged & tour-preferred equipment. It’s pretty immature really. They should be considered when your technique is capable of using them to their advantage. Why make the game harder than it is?

Kocktopus says:

I learned on an old set of blades. I think it helped me develop solid fundamentals. Basic psychology suggests punishment discourages an action. When you don’t strike the ball proper it’s kind of like a punishment, sub-consciously you don’t want to do that again. When I switched to cavities I initially got better scores, but I would get lazy, and developed bad habits because sub-consciously I didn’t have a punishment to worry about, and my scores got worse. I hope that makes sense.

gbvoul says:

Depends why a person is getting into the game in the first place. Hurt wrists? that’s poor mechanics and/or swinging too hard. with Blades good swings are rewarded, and easier to repeat in that you can clearly feel the results of a good swing. Good luck to you!

shredx81 says:

I know a couple of people who inherited blades as their starter clubs. They could play with them, but improved their game massively when they invested in some clubs more appropriate to their handicap. I’m playing off 9 & I’ve always used cavity backs. Nothing wrong with my ball striking at all. Playing with blades from day 1 won’t speed up a reduction in handicap. Not to say a beginner can’t use them, but no teaching professional would ever recommend it.

gbvoul says:

inherited is different. They might not fit. it’s golf industries goal to sell you as many sets of clubs as they can. so if you want to waste person’s money and start them with g20s, then i25(future), then s54(future), then titleist blades, you’re not doing them any favors

shredx81 says:

No teaching professional would advise a beginner to go out & buy a set of expensive blade clubs. I understand your logic in saving money long term & kitting yourself out for when you become a good player, but that’s many years off & there needs to be a steady transition.
My handicap is still coming down & I don’t feel I need to invest in blades yet. I might never bother & have saved myself hundreds of pounds.

gbvoul says:

i didn’t say anything bout new clubs

MrScalesie says:

hi Mark I recently purchased that 910 driver I didnt get custom fitted we just put a shaft I liked (rip 60g it felt similar to the 1 in my old mp600 whitch I liked I just was’nt really happy with club ) the feel of into a demo head and the guys let me have it for a for a few weeks I left it in the A1 setting and away I went it was the 3rd driver I tried this year I also had an i20 and a cleveland .I really enjoy your videos but I personally think a few rounds with a demo might be better

Myddraal1 says:

I completely agree. I was helping give lessons at my course and I remember two students that show this perfectly. One had Mizuno MP-32 inherited but re-shafted and fit. The other had had R11 everything. At the beggining they both had probably around 30 handicap. But after around a year the student playing the 32’s had around 12-13, while the student with R11’s had just barely broken 20.

BombTechGolf says:

Adjustability is useless!! The only thing that golf driver companies should worry about is creating high quality components. Learn to hit a standard lo and flex and you will be happier than constantly changing your loft and your swing!

mavallarino says:

You’re a great ball striker and a brilliant communicator.
I use 8.5° since I can fly it low when I need to and add up to 11-13° by changing my swing. I don’t really see many suggesting this but I guess this is really all one could do before the invention of adjustable drivers. BTW: I still use a TM Ti 300 from 2001!

keith kobylarz says:

I really like your sensible approach to golf and equipment, Mark. Thank you for the sound advice, and your good instruction! Your driver instruction, and long iron instruction videos have already helped me. Youtubers, if you haven’t seen Mark’s videos on driver launch angle considerations, and long iron swing commitments, I would highly recommend you do. They are very helpful, and the points are very well explained by Mark.

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