A Putting Clinic With Rory, DJ, Rahm, Wolff, Day & Morikawa | TaylorMade Golf

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Sit back and enjoy 20-minutes of Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Jason Day, Collin Morikawa and Matthew Wolff explaining their different philosophies and feels when it comes to reading and rolling putts. Using their Spider mallet putters and TP Collection blades, this group knows a thing or two about dialing in your speed and accuracy, which you can learn from!


Nathan Hosch says:

I think Jason Day would be awesome to play with… so humble yet knows the game so well. Wolf is annoying , Rory is great but kinda alpha maleish , Rahm is great, DJ is DJ, Colin is awesome .

Wynand Britz says:

Just tap it in, just give it a little tappy.

Wayne Stewart says:

Goats and money there

Jon says:

I love how everyone is slating Rory about being a bad putter – yeah he’s not one of the best on tour but it wouldn’t even be remotely close between him and club golfers as some people are suggesting

Ginge says:

I love these Taylor made videos but that little guy with the shades on needs launching,

doug doug says:

Who’s that Serpico dude? Lol

doug doug says:


Everyone else: yapping and yapping away

World #1 in Forrest Gump voice: I just look.

Christian Wallis says:

Who's the guy pick pocketing Jason Day?

Cereal & Whisky says:

I'm shocked TM is actually releasing these videos because it destroys all their marketing and shows how awful the gimmicks and gadget clubs are. Good players are athletes who want simple plain things that don't interfere with their skills. Great stuff

J Adachi says:

Did you guys see DJ putting with a line on his ball at The Masters? I guess he wanted to make sure he was seeing it, feeling it, when he got in there and stroked her…… eerr i mean stroked it.

Charlie Sumner says:

Dustin is the man

Charlie Hanson says:

POV your here after DJ won the masters

carly gardiner says:

Rory did a lot of talking for someone who can't putt for crap. Wanted ta hear more from my man J Day

adkzander says:

that video started out very cool with all the pro chatter. Then red beard came in and ruined the vibe

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