Bycatch. That’s the fish that fishers didn’t mean to catch but did – baby fish, species people don’t like to eat, fish no one will buy. High levels of bycatch make fishing unsustainable, not to mention it’s a huge waste. So what can be done about it? Well, that depends on the type of fishing gear being used. For fish traps (often called fish pots), I have a solution: put a hole in the corner. No, I’m not being glib. Putting vertical, rectangular holes, aka escape gaps, in opposing corners of fish traps can reduce bycatch by up to 80%, [More]
We feature first two technical adaptationes that will help to make your putt more consistent and then we add two suggestions to start getting better with distance control. Consistent distance control would be the goal.
Members of the BCGolfPages Meetup Group compete for $100.00 in a sudden death putting contest held at Northlands Golf Course on August 21, 2010
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This is the GOLF SWING SECRET to hitting more greens and making more birdies. By making this one golf swing adjustment you are going to have laser-like accuracy with your golf shots into greens. When your golf swing is deadly accurate, you hit more greens in regulation – and that means MORE BIRDIES for your golf game. Doesn’t that sound like fun? What are you waiting for – apply this simple golf tip to your golf swing and start making more birdies! #GolfSwing #Golf #BIRDIES Access Tom’s ULTIMATE Golf Swing Training Program and Instructional Library – Join the Crispy [More]
Gareth Johnston shows how improving your takeaway plane will benefit your angle of attack and help you get a nice, neutral entry point in the bunker and allow you to splash the ball out of the sand onto the green.Take a look at the video to see the simple drill he uses with a cane training aid to help get the correct takeaway feeling. For equipment reviews, course descriptions, news, and more, visit the Today’s Golfer website: Subscribe to our channel: Today’s Golfer on Facebook:’s Golfer on Twitter:
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If your golf putting stroke needs some work, this putting drill is one of the best golf putting tips to help your short game, and will teach you how to putt better in golf immediately! Learn how to lower your golf scores: Usually the best golf tips are the simplest ones, and this drill helps you work on your putting stroke with a simple Sharpie. While your golf putting stroke mechanics are much slower and more deliberate than a full golf swing, it still is a swing nonetheless. One of the most overlooked aspects of your putting stroke path [More]
Get a perfect putting stroke with Putting Tips with Andy Gorman and some ways you can practice your putting at home. How to train a perfect putting stroke and posture for the Best Putting Technique Ever, Simple, Reliable And find yourself being able to hole more short putts Ultimate simple golf lessons. This putting tip from an expert short game and putting coach Andy Gorman shares a secret that works on the PGA tour and weekend warriors alike. Using the wall will help you keep your eyes still will help you hole more putts with a stable posture but [More]