The Follow Thru Glove forces you to follow through each time with your swing. This increases acceleration through the impact zone and prevents you from pulling or pushing the ball, resulting in more distance and accuracy in your drives.
Putting is a game with in a game and even when the weather is bad we can still be improving, gaining confidence and working on our stroke. Here are my top 3 putting drills, that have worked for me, that you can do at home, in your office on you lunch break that will get you ready for the season ahead. Give these 3 drills a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!
HAS MY PUTTING REALLY IMPROVED, Mark Crossfield talks about his new putting and what we can all learn from his custom fit experience. See how you could improve your driver, iron play or shot game along with your putting with some feel, looks and science Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s simple and easy to follow golf videos for all golfers looking at improving their golf swings.
How can I create a simple golf swing? An effortless golf swing, a golf swing that doesn’t require me to think of a million things? A few years ago I created the Catapult Method. It became an internet hit. Viewed and shared by over 2 million golfers and now used by many golf coaches around the world it will truly help you generate more accurate yards with every golf club in the bag. When I first released the golf video ( The ORIGINAL a number of golfers said they had generated more power but weren’t sure how they could [More]
Neil takes us through your different options for approaching the green, and tells us why is important to learn what works best for your style of play.The HowDidiDo Golf Academy is a resource for all golfer bought to you by HowDidiDo, the largest golfing community in Europe, and Titleist, the No.1 ball in golf. Our Chief instructor Neil Clarkson, takes us through the basics of producing a great pitch shot to help with your recovery play. Take a look at our blog for more .
In this weeks video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional,Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” shows you 6 games to make your putting practice better and more enjoyable. Some times putting practice can be a bit boring. So in this video I give you 6 putting games you can cycle through during your putting practice session. By devising more enjoyable putting games. It stops the boredom and each games has a skill you will need to improve. ========================= Fore more information you can visit: 🔴 Subscribe to My Channel 🔴 Book a golf lesson 🔴 Download my FREE report [More]
Improve your putting today with the BBG putting System Http://
To feel the natural arc of an on-plane stroke, turn your putter 90 degrees and hit putts with the toe of the putter. Stan Utley demonstrates.