5 Top Reasons You DONT Get Better at Golf

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5 Top Reasons You DONT Get Better at Golf, There are a lot of reasons golfers don’t get better at this great game. I take a look at the most common reasons I see in this fun and informative 10-minute video. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru takes a look at some of the most common mistakes he notices golfers make week in week out.


Sebastian Gutierrez says:

Like if youre guy #5

NanDrummer says:

I watch this video from time to time , keeps it real.

Bailey A says:

Y u out of breathe hitting three drives u hanging man!!! I would consider doing some cardio mate……..

Cj Amarosa says:

Thank for this – I know it's an older video but it makes so much sense. My wife is constantly telling me to play MY Game and stop trying to change things. I am trying to improve, but many times I am better off just playing to my strengths (trying to draw the ball is my nemesis ) – I really enjoy all your videos and advise. – Thanks again and keep up the great instruction – Cheers

thecman26 says:

Oh, but Rifle steel is ever, oh so sexy!

Lee Hutchinson says:

Great video and advice…..spend £1000 on new equipment or £30 on a lesson???

stonewallre7 says:

Mark I tried a golf instructor for 4 months and did not improve. People got to be careful using one that does not help you.

mixter7x7 says:

range vs real time game :
when people play a real time game they normally hit 1 shot ONE with each club before changing clubs for the next shot.
when people practice at a range they more commonly hit numerous shots with a single club until they feel they have a perfected the strike and feel of that club and then they change to the next club.
i do both.
when i go to the range i start with my short clubs and work up to full swing with my long clubs.
i hit a drive, hit a second shot with a 7,8 or 9 – in rotation
then a wedge shot – again – in rotation – pitch , gap , sand , lob wedge
then back to the driver.
just like you were playing on a course. this makes you have to change your swing on every swing and adapt just like you were playing a game.

Frank Poveromo says:

Ok I love this video. I have been having a natural slight draw all my life but I played with 25 year old clubs that were my dads. About 2.5 years ago I bought new clubs still game improvement irons just way less forgiving then the old ones now I hit a fade at times and a draw at times. I typically play well ~13 handicap give or take the day. However I feel that my ball flight has changed a lot with the new clubs and I can fully relate to what you are saying play the shot you are hitting that day. However, I find that from hole to hold I might go from a draw to a fade back to a draw. I am notorious for poor alignment though so do you think that my fade draw fade draw might have to do with my body/ club alignment inconsistency or swing? I know if I could consistently hit the same shot I would easily take another 5-8 strokes off my game… If I could fix my putting, well lets not open that can of worms haha


Nice practice suggestions. I used to have my father call out different shots on the range. Example hit your 3 iron to the 100 yard flag, cut your 7 iron on one shot and draw it on next. Made me better and practice more fun.

TheeFreakiishlyz says:

I managed to achieved 7 handicap at 17. Clubs not fitted for me, no lessons, just playing a lot with a desire to learn and get better. People only improve if they want to get better.

Fun Hammer says:

I find in any technique sport, people tend to really over emphasize the outlier when it's an error. If a person generally hits a controllable draw, but then on the 5th tee they walk up and hit a huge push fade, the next time you see them on the range they are trying to "fix" their push fade. Correct inconsistencies, but don't focus on what happened with them, focus on what you normally do, and work on that.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

I broke 100 easy. Breaking a 100 is so easy but I can't get much better than that now.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

UGH….. I don't really know my strengths….I probably don't have strengths. I don't have good distance OR short game. 🙁

Corek BleedingHollow says:

The 4th reason: That is so fucking me. I'm hitting pretty good on the range but I hit pretty sloppy on the course. Oh I just got it now. Hitting on the range is easy and CHEAP. But hitting on the course is more difficult and WAY MORE EXPENSIVE…. It's like they're just out to get people's money.

Bob Dobalina says:

Love your vids, humour and sensability. Thanx so much!

Matt S says:

You're spot on Mark, I needed to hear this!

Corek BleedingHollow says:

A good way to get more practice on the course and on the actual turf is to play golf scramble by yourself with 3 or 4 balls from your best shot. 3 or 4 shots off the tee, drop the other balls on the best ball location rinse and repeat. Greater chance at birdies and pars and it'll make you feel a lot less frustrated with bad shots. You get lots more hits and practice that way.

pecosRoy says:

to sum it up quickly: golfers do not improve because of poor attitudes toward the game.

Rob Boyle says:

Love your videos. Funny and educational. Congrats to your success!

proprioceptive44 says:

10,000 hour rule that’s it

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