3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Aid

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Frederic Bellier says:

I used the swingbyte equivalent. Same story for swingbyte, swing speed was good and animation were even better then the 3bay GSA. Unfortunately I returned the kit because the face angle and path angle were not correct. It is very hard for thieves kits to get the proper angles. In my case, this is what I valued the most, so I could not use them.

Jarrod K says:

Hey mark love the videos….would like to see what you think of the Ernest Sports ES12 Digital Golf Assistant

9tube1 says:

Excellent video Mark. I wasn’t aware there was even such a device available. I have been paying additional dollars to see the results on Trackman with a Pro. This technology could be extremely helpful at the range for determining swing consistency, comparing different clubs (5-Hybrid vs. 5-iron) and several other swing characteristics that should allow for improving my swing. Trackman for iPhone. Thank you.

Andrew Pye says:

Thank you for this review! I have been debating buying this for months now.

Thanh Khong says:

Would love to see what you think about the Swingbyte equivalent.

higgins340s says:

swingbyte test please, they’ve just joined up with flightscope, a lot cheaper than gsa pro

Jakob Krogh says:

Cool video. Could you test the swingtip?

larrybud says:

The problem with carry distance for these devices is that they are assuming a solid impact and a standard smash factor. In the case of the shot that was hit at the 4:00 mark, a 1.41 smash factor for the 6 iron. So if you’re a crappy ball striker, the ball speed and carry distance won’t be anywhere close to what’s actual, with a good ball or not.

larrybud says:

Trackman calculates face angle, but path angle is measured. Trackman also knows what you’re aiming at when you calibrate the unit, a device like this has no clue, and is completely dependent upon how straight you attach it to the club. Very difficult to get it on straight within a couple of degrees!

That said, it also doesn’t cost 20 grand.

larrybud says:

How are your brain and eyes going to measure clubhead speed?

larrybud says:

But I will say, it’s pretty impressive on how accurate it is for clubhead speed.

Jason Bowles says:

Love this type of review! Keep ’em coming!

TheTechWhiz says:


Love the videos, I watch everyday! Could you do a review of the Optishot golf simulator, Medicus Power Meter, and Medicus Dual Hinge Driver? I always see these products advertised on the Golf channel and I’ve always been curious if they actually work. Thanks again for helping me play some better golf!!

Alan Yang says:

Great video! Made my decision quick… Cant really afford trackman.

DDerham2000 says:

Hi Mark, great review, thank you. Would like to see more reviews on Golf Aids as the market is flooded with them. So knowing the good from the bad is very helpful. I have recorded my swing on camera and plan to send it through to you via your app. However am looking to purchase something that can give me data on swing speed and distance. Would you consider selling the 3bays GSA ex demo model? 🙂 Love the videos, keep them coming!

brittwa says:

3Bays face angle & swingpath data are not measured against target line, but against face angle at address and backswing, respectively.
Also, some data is measured and some is calculated. Measured data is fairly accurate, whereas the calculated data is useful, but always bear in mind that it is just a calculation/estimate.
Mini reviews from myself and canadiangolf may help on Mizuno Forum….Search 3 BaysGSA on forum.

gingergolfer says:

Hi Mark

Does the unit alter carry distance according to different loft and legnth used by different manufacturers setup. For example with taylomade rocketbladez irons would the carry distance and club head speed be innaccurate?



hbyrdut says:


Liked your review but since you’re only hitting a 6 iron could you do it again with real golf balls?



Ray M says:

Great review as always Mark. I’ll have to give the little guy a try. Ping G25 Hybrid? And what about comparing all the new drivers out this year against eachother. Well the ones worth review, LOL.
Ping G25, Titleist 913, Nike Covert, TM R1, Callaway Fit Extreme
Don’t bother with the Rocketbalz or whatever they call that junk.

Albin Clern says:

Does anyone know if there is an app that shows speed. If you use golfclub or hockey club or whatever without having to buy something to it?

johnandy683 says:

Can you review the R1 and the Calloway X Hot?

bmp1785 says:

How about a swingbyte review?

Dave Patrick says:

Mark, Any plans to testdrive the “golfsense” gizmo? It has swing speed, Tempo and estimated distance at half the price of 3bays.

Kevin Harris says:

Mark, would this help to see if you cast the club or lag into impact? Are there any tutorials depending on your results, or purely an analyser?

Daniel Eason says:

Swingbyte review is needed….not sure how useful this is oh path based on its position

neova2 says:

I have used the GSA for 3 months see my detailed review on golfwrx.com. I use it to benchmarked my swing speed and track my progress on swing improvements. Before a round I can check my swing to see how I’m performing for the day and adjust my club selection accordingly – saved a few strokes!

neova2 says:

@thanh khong. All other gadgets attaches at the shaft while GSA  attaches at the grip end. To me it’s less distracting and doesn’t shift around like the swingbyte does with it’s strap

Pekka Teppola says:

Mark, this was a nice review. One of the things to remember is to fill in the shaft length info on 3 Bays’s app. It will hopefully then better reflect to a real situation. In any case, I have used this device for about three weeks and I like it a lot. It does not have to be accurate as long as it is repeatable. Based on this device, I have learned a lot what happens in my swing when I change from short irons to long irons and so on. I recommend this device. Once again, thank you Mark! Good work!


Mark is it worth getting to dial in your club’s consistent distances and find where your gaps may be?

W4lly16 says:

From one golfer to another, I have used the Medicus 310g Hittable Driver and it works pretty well, given that you have a decent swing. It loosens me up when I swing with it, and I feel it allows me to swing my normal driver faster and get a great feel of club lag in my swing. It will most likely make you stronger if you use it enough too. Give one a try if you haven’t.

OnlineOptics says:

Been thinking about this tool again, it may be useful on a practice rounds when coming up against a hazard of some sort.. ie we all have fears of putting the ball in the water or the long grass .. for me I always am aware of these things when taking my shots,this can have an effect on your swing and shot shaping,call it fear or hazard perseption but it would be nice to know on the fly what one did wrong in these situations.. any reason why you couldnt use this on a putter for face angle? 🙂

Louis DeSantis says:

Could you do a comparison of the 3BayGSA, Swingbyte, and New Spin Smart swing analyzes? Thanks so much!

duytang says:

Woud you be able to get gorilla james to use this with a driver? How accurate is the club head speed? I have a Swingbyte and my driver clubhead speed is way off it is usually at 119mph and Swingbyte usually reads 111-113mph. Not a big deal, but just wondering.

Kertigen1 says:

This device looks pretty cool. Would be nice to be able to see that info on the course, and I still don’t really know my distances that well. Dunno about 200 bucks though; maybe if there is a sale at some point. Did it just release?

TheAndhagen says:

How would it work with the new irons (rocketbladez) with longer shafts and stronger loft? Plot in 5i when hitting the 6i?

TheRyanner says:

How much?

RevBigDaddie says:

I got mine in the mail a couple of days ago…I love it! The Droid model…

oyibo555 says:

I am interested as well.

heywal says:


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