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Hi Guys, A lot of you may have been slicing the golf ball for a very long time, today is the day that changes everything! Todays impact show gives 3 drills using certain training aids to help you stop your slice


Disclaimer: this is not a paid promotion for any of these three companies.

Links to the products:

Watson Hanger: https://www.hangergolf.com

Tour Striker Smash Bag: https://www.tourstriker.com/shop/product_details.aspx?p=228


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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dexys cooper says:

just signed up and would love a coaching program. I've spent hundreds of hours with several coaches in norfolk and on driving ranges but never had much success in improving consistency and face control. going to work hard with some of these training aids and videos and give myself a target of single figures by christmas 2018
keep up the great videos

Jake Barnes says:

Is the Watson Hanger available in the UK

Peter Choma says:

Shortening my swing, I over swing.

Cr8ive Amboy77 says:

visualize the day way

Matty Smith says:

Love you guys! So informative and very concise.

Ben Larsen says:

Ace and Gary…

rhys loy says:

Hi guys love your videos , I am around 28 25 handicapper and always slice my driver or 3 wood I have been playing golf now for around 6 months and have really started to take an interest to this sport but having trouble really getting rid of my slice I am 20 years old and from Dublin , Ireland and will be 21 in may and would really like for my 21st to come over take charge of my game ,


Rhys Loy

Nick Fisher says:

Ball Right…!!!

Auzzchwitz says:

Man I'd love to stop having to yell "Fore right!!"

CP DudeBoy says:

Thank you! Love the observation of the swing path through "the gateway" set between the bag and pad. I've never seen it demonstrated that way; very helpful! I'm going to try that this week because I've had a classic slice for too long.


First shot was the biggest slice hahaha

Weston 2 says:

video starts 1:28

Korpa 12 says:

Knowing my luck if I used that smash bag I would snap the shaft on my driver!!

Justin Truax says:

Do you really need to spend $80 on a bag to whack

YellowKard says:

Audi rings on your collar <3

Jim Saddler says:

You guys are great–keeping it simple and not getting too technical on a swing that takes just a second to execute!

AlienRenders says:

Went to the range and after a few balls, based on your videos, I noticed that except for my grip, everything was wrong. Since I started hitting my irons straight a while back, I developed a slice on my driver. What I'm guessing happened is that I was bringing my hands down and closer for my irons. When I instinctively did the same on the driver, I would unknowingly hit the ball at the end of the club head (I confirmed this last part at the range today). I lowered my hands further and moved closer to the ball (better path). My distance with the driver is MUCH further, the ball goes straight and feels way more natural. The best part is that my feet are actually aligned instead of compensating for the slice. Thanks again for your videos!

Mark Schell says:

Are all these drills backwards for lefty’s?

Beta Vulgaris says:

Nobody ever mentions turning your back to the target. If you feel like you're turning your back to the target it's actually hard to come over the top. When you're arms-y and not turning properly coming over the top is easier.

01spaz says:

Ohh, It's going to seem like forever waiting for spring. Thankfully I have these great videos to watch and get some fantastic ideas on how to improve my game. I can't thank you guys enough!

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