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Hi Me And My Golfers! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing three was to transform your long game just by simply using an alignment stick!

You can purchase the alignment sticks we are using in the video here: https://meandmygolf.com/product/alignment-pro-training-aid/

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COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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Kris Briggs says:

The golf courses in my area have a driving range and a putting green, but none have a chipping green. Chipping is the worst part of my game, how do I practice without being rude to the people playing the course behind me?

John Schreiner says:

Actually you are wearing cold weather gear gentlemen, not warm weather!

David Driscoll says:

Sorry for an off-topic question but I've been wondering about eco-friendly golf balls. With so many golf balls lost and presumably rotting on or near courses, how much of a push in the industry is there to produce top quality, biodegradable or eco-friendly balls? Any tips on the best ones that you know of?

Paul Gallon says:

Keep up the good videos!

Deio Llwyd says:

I need to get better strikes and consistency with my irons

Sween Bean says:

Stop wearing matching outfits!! Christ!!!

Mark Davies says:

Struggled this year due too knee problems rotating on left leg any tips on coming back from injury as now andies arm is better did he have to change his swing to cope, the Astburyhall is a great course good work guys and more videos of you playing competitive golf nice to hear your strategy tips

OMEN Snipezz says:

I'm a 7 handicapper 16 years old any tips for long putting or lag putting as I drop a lot of shots from long distance putts trying to 2 putt

Abhishek Desai says:

How do you position the lower edge of the irons/driver at address? How far forward or backward can I lean the club? Should the lower blade of the club be in a straight line with the shaft of the club?

Also massive thanks for the excellent videos, I’ve been self training for a couple months now and starting to see a huge difference after watching your videos.

Abhishek Desai says:

Don’t own a set of clubs just yet, what aid would you recommend to practice swings at home?

Sean Beardy says:

Lads how about a pro's and con' for hybrid clubs would like to know more about them

It’s Taco says:

I need help with my game I am play ok I'm 15 and am shooting in the mid 70-80 I struggle with 5-10 foot putts

Brett Halliburton says:

Guys I just wanna say thanks so much. Watching all of your vlogs and applying them to my swing, hundreds of buckets at practice range later, my game is finally coming together. I went from a 22-24 hdc down to a 14 hdc in last season. Feeling like I might break single digit here pretty soon. I have a new love for the game and it is largely because of you guys, Rick, and Pete. Keep it up gentlemen, your work is great. Must say I am a bit jealous lol you guys have the dream job!!!!

Thomas Todd says:

I've had a good season this year. Really need to work on my iron play. Inconsistent striking plagued my scorecards this year.

kit burns says:

All this talk about off season, on season…..in Australia there is no off season for golf

Precious Snowflake says:

Thank you, me and my matching gay golfing boyfriend.

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