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Presented by Rick Shiels and featuring Me and My Golf and Peter Finch.

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Justin Raath says:

Fantastic video. 3 great tips i believe the chipping tip alone will take shots off my scorecard. cheers lads

Victor Elvidge says:

Good video, but not sure about the chuckle brothers out fits.

antob68 says:

I struggle with the green-side short chip shot on uneven grounds. I try to emulate the technique Peter showed but, I have hard time finding impact on uphill and downhill lies near the green. How do I practice those and what becomes paramount to guarantee good contact

N Ash says:

What spray did Andy mention to use in place of impact tape?

Patrick Mella says:

I extreme erotic of cystic

pickin4you says:

I wonder if the 2 tee thing would help with the driver as well? It won't help us know if the face is opened or closed, but it will help us become more consistent at hitting it in the middle.

newbro says:

Great video. Just a thought i think you can definitely use a high speed camera to capture slow motion video.

Sean Malone says:

when I keep my sternum over the ball as Rick says it made a massive difference to my iron strike now I am working on my release and following Rick's tips for releasing the golf club and I am hitting it a lot straighter I find your way of teaching very easy to understand Rick someday I will go over for a lesson I am in eire.

Jason Coffman says:

I struggle with hitting my irons on the toe. How can I become more consistent with hitting the irons in the middle? currently I hit my driver in the center 90% of the time but my irons are my issue.
Thank You

Becker Ferrer says:

The second guy didn't follow the first guys advice at all

ROJO2CYL says:

Love it. This is my biggest problem with this game. I can look like a low handicapper one hole and a total hack the next.

Sara Retzlaff says:

chipping bunker shots driving and putting

Randall Mahony says:

Great video and demonstrating loved it. Thanks Rick and company,well done ✅

Colin Wilson says:

Great video guys, I struggle with 20-60 from pin chip ons, sometimes I’d rather be 120 yards away.

Jason Kelley says:

Hey Rick, do you have any reviews on the powerplane?

BenMS 6 says:

Thanks guys definitely going to try these drills

Alfredo Lucena YT says:

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PJ D says:

Great video, golf should be fun, if its not you're in the wrong sport.

23v0lv32 says:

loved the chipping pre-set bit with the hips open. just awesome

yddaDaddy says:

The tennis ball is strictly consistency, not efficiency right?

Check out Cameron Champ swing

Tiny Toons says:

what a load of cods wallop, you young guys are full off shite . . .

John Leonard says:

Nice Drills.

Kevin K says:

watched this as a pure beginner and felt overwhelmed. watching it now after gaining experience and these tips really stuck.


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breeze787 says:

Hey I missed this episode. Nice to see Meandmygolf looking forward to another night outing in Portugal or Turkey can't remember which country but that was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for putting this up!

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