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This weeks swing analysis looks at 3 key things to help you build a more consistent golf swing.


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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Carl Cardigan says:

My instructor told me to have my weight slightly forward in my stance.

Dan Austin says:

I live in Bridgnorth and have never had a lesson and just cannot get anywhere near breaking 100. Feel free to use me as a guinea pig to show it can actually be done for the fairweather golfers!

Emmitt Kison says:

Your videos have helped me so much. I have been playing a lot so far in 2018, and practicing things I find in your videos. My handicap has dropped from about 12 to about 8 since the start of the year. Thanks so much for the great content and keep up the good work!

Chris Jackson says:

Draw? Fade? Stinger? I'd like to spend time learning each one well enough to be able to do any of them as appropriate.

Bustaferrari says:

Id like to hit shots with all aspects and accuracy really not just one type of shot. I have issues with consistency as I will hit a fade or straight shots more often then a draw but all shots come out of my swing somehow. Thank you for always providing great information for the golf community. I would love to be considered for a swing analysis just so that I can work on what I can do to be better. My handicap might be around a 20 but I have not submitted my scores for calculation yet.

ethanmx2 says:

Thanks so much for the analysis, Andy! The advice you gave should definitely help! You helped me to see a lot more than what I just thought was a simple over-swing, so hopefully your advice will lead to better shot results.

The minute I break that 18 handicap, don't be shocked if you're immediately tagged!

PS: No, no acting school. Just multiple quiz show tryouts, and being around a multitude of TV productions… this IS L.A. after all. 😛

Living Over Par says:

It looks like he has watched way too many Long Drive shows on TV. He needs to hold back on that "way over the back swing"

John Wheeler says:

I love that video! I have been struggling with getting a higher flight pattern with my driver. The way you describe to move the handle back and the club head forward, I just know that was my error with the driver. Thanks for that please keep up the great work!

BEASTMODE123850 says:

Using Romeo and Juliet music in the intro XD.

Operator says:

laughed out loud irl

Mike RooneyM6 says:

I love the drills and tips in your videos. I think it would be helpful to use shot tracer when you demo a shot. I can never see where your shots actually go in the videos.

golf putters review says:


Chris Larsen says:

I love that shirt that Piers has on in the pic of him in Bermuda. I want one, where'd he get it?

masterofUYO ! says:

this guy has a great john daly looking backswing. his ball is teed too far forward, almost infront of his front foot, so his weight will have to move forward fast. stick to basics everyone, ball position, grip

jonathan wright says:

Good videos and good instruction… but seriously guys it's time to cut this outfit matching shit… you guys are not twins and you're not 6 years old.

Thank you.

Jackson Johnson says:

A few years back I was a single digit playing a high fade. Then time away from the game due to medical issues. Now I’m back, but cannot regain that good old reliable fade. What I’ve got now is an ugly OTT pull hook.

Bens fortnite 333 says:

Do flop shot only challenge tuesday

stewdogg42 says:

Very helpful no matter what the handicap. Thanks Andy!

Luke Cochran says:

I would like to hit a power fade

Roberto Posada Panero says:

break 80 in the future?

Howie Land says:

Great video, Andy! I sometimes start my driver swing with the club a few inches behind the ball as a way to square my shoulders, which tend to be slightly open at address with driver. I'll have to check my spine angle now. Thx for pointing that out!

Bryan Conner says:

I hit a pretty consistent Fade my miss is a snap fade bye bye bally! Lol

Tom Shepherd says:

brilliant opening!!!

Jared Reem says:

I’m looking to play whatever shot is best suited for my swing to consistently hit the target. Why force your body to do something it doesn’t want to do.

Me says:

Should have done the second shot down the line so we could see the ball flight

shinzon k says:

lol good stuff; good acting lol!!!!

Ryne Hueth says:

I have embraced my fade lol

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