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weplayhockey101 says:

On average, how much is ice time at your local rinks?

How To Hockey says:

You are right, when editing the video I noticed I said 105, but there’s no
going back so I just left it in there. I was waiting for someone to mention
it. Still 101 is a hard shot from a 5′ 11 guy!

How To Hockey says:

I could have done it in 2 minutes if I just showed all the methods with no
explanation, but I like to throw in a few lessons as well. That way people
know why they are doing something. It helps drive the point home, I try not
to ramble too much, haha

Brandon Kang says:


Kangaroo Gaming says:


KEH7 says:

0:21 lol workoooots. ahahah

Corbin Zaun says:

Nip grip

Uppercornerhockey says:

I think i have watched this video over 100 times.. Great stuff!

How To Hockey says:

A good point for higher level players. The technique I talk about in the
video can be applied to almost all shots from a variety of positions
though, it’s not only when you are in the slot with your shoulder to the

IceBeast11 says:

Shud we ever lift a leg while shooting ?

connor chiaramonti says:

Im wondering do you do lessons or video tips on street hockey

njsnipes says:

do you play in minors

Scott Tremblay says:

THX!!!!! that really helped me!!

thomaslivingstone97 says:

If you watch/play any hockey most people shoot exactly how this guys doing

Zdeno Chára says:


InSoMnIaK16 says:

Tip: Steven Stamkos tries to shoot 1000 pucks a day.

GuruEdward says:

it may increase power but usually it fakes out a goalie (sometimes) but if
you are shooting hard naturally one leg will go up

Magpie11711 says:

I almost couldn’t take this seriously as soon as I saw the black laces.

PS3NERD07 says:

Wow! This really helped my shot out! THANK YOU!

Ethan Crisp says:

how do you get a rink to yourself….

Sayuri Senadheera says:

Who has 100 pucks

erik rullander says:

when i shot, i stand on one leg, is that wrong? hope u understand what i

How To Hockey says:

Yes during the season focus on your technical skills as it will pay off a
lot during games. During a game pay attention to your flaws or weaknesses
and work on improving them (but also work on your strengths as well) During
the off season don’t be afraid to play other sports as well, sports like
soccer, tennis, squash, and lacrosse will keep you in shape and also work
similar muscles as hockey.

Sol Evans says:

Your a good teacher but let’s be fair If you’re a forward, when are you
ever going to be in that position being able to get the technique used and
to finish the shot nicely

WillDrayGamesTM says:

do you play for a team ?

PeteGainz says:

Alright big chap, during the hockey season should you focus more on
techincal things such as shooting and stick handling? Is it during the off
season when you should dedicate more time to fitness? Or work on techincal
ability and fitness as a 50/50 split?

Pat6l6 says:

what aspects of skating do u think are best to improve to be a better

Art Vandalay says:

I thought you were Paul Bissonnette for a second lol

candy labus says:

i just get to the side of the goal on shoot into a top corner

StreetHockey18 says:

Thank you so much! I started ice hockey this year and my shots are brutal.
This will help me

Louis Albert says:

Very good tips. Hard to find one site that’s consistently accurate, and
you’re touching all the right bases. Big thanks.

Elis Jonsson says:

I have the problem that if i shot off ice i shot slapshots very hard and
with power but on ice i can’t even lift the puck

Mathieu Kennedy says:

Nice tips

MeWantDiamonds MC says:

Jeremy I want to thank you so much. I play for the Chicago Mission hockey
club. I was a 4th line player for them. I only scored once about every 12
games. But now I have starting your videos and training at home every day.
now I’m a 2nd line player who scores almost every game. I have earned the
spot on my team so thank you for helping me on my journey.

Ryan Boyne says:

first of all Daniel Alfredsonn does not shoot 105mph

Elias,Tristan Crislip,Konieczny says:

i broke a kids stick today when i shot like that

Aaron King says:

I like the video but the problem is you only have a few seconds maybe even
less in competitive hockey. So my question is how do you get a shot off as
quick as you can with the same amount of speed as you would on a full
length wristshot?

Jingjing Hu says:

I can’t see the puck wen you shoot on the band so I’m not sure if it’s

Darius Jonsson says:

I am a squirt and at home I practice with official 6 oz pucks but at our
games we have to use these 4 oz pucks. If I try to load up a full shot I
shoot way over the net and maybe shoot wide. Should I shoot softer to
increase accuracy?

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