2009 USDGC Disc Golf – PART 8 Long Drive & Putting exhibition

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Putting contest & Long Drive exhibition. Misc footage of players at U.S disc golf Championships at Winthrop Gold disc golf course in Rock Hill, SC.


discmotoslots says:

‘Double G’ (Garrett Gurthie). You can see the details at the USDGC website.

DannyE5 says:

you’re a hero for the all of us who couldn’t actually be there. BTW, a freakin flick across the lake is just insane. Surprised it wasn’t an Avery flick.

discmotoslots says:

Rock Hill is only a couple hours south of me so I had to be there! I always bring my Vid cam with me.
I dont remember if Avery tried a flick or not. He might have already left.

johnw993 says:

You did a great job tracking the flight. How far you think some of those went?

cpjackson79 says:

If I’m not mistaken, it’s about 500 feet across the lake isn’t it?

discmotoslots says:

I would guess at least 500 feet

S0c0J0e says:

awesome video those are fucking bombs across the lake, love the music there playing as well.

cleanerimage4u says:

i would think the lines down the sides would make it easier to focus and throw straight… but im not a pro so i dont know

discmotoslots says:

I did a similar putting contest & the lines do not help (me) unfortunately

okiebullgod says:

The drives over the lake are bad ass. Coda stuck one in a basket it looked like.

th4ed2em0on says:

Did I hear Michael Henry screaming somewhere in there?

SuperCollieman says:

awesome vid, weathers almost right for disc golf, cant fuckin wait

omar williams says:

i heard that the throw over lake is like 580 down hill

omar williams says:

i was recently in a distance final with matt orum…….he won 🙁

Arthur Haverkamp says:

do they get anything if they make an ace?

discmotoslots says:

Yes, there was a large cash pay-out if anyone hit an ace. Nobody did on this day!

inkdviper says:

Only flick to make it huh? 580 down hill? I guess I’ll have to pay a visit to Winthrop.

ATXrollerblader says:

Sooo crazy.
Btw, does anyone know what the name of that very last song is? The techno-type one.

ElChabong says:

is steve meade the announcer?

FrankBlood says:

i can putt just as good as these dudes.

deadly4some says:

i can throw farther than you flick ive sidearmed 600 ft i could probly have world record but i havent tried

inkdviper says:

good for you someone give this guy a cookie

Dirty Mitten says:

Mark Ellis could easily “Flick” over that pond.

Bob Jones says:

the offhand shot from garret guthrie at the end is sick…from what the guys say above that is almost 500 feet. With his offhand.

discmotoslots says:

It IS downhill but then it’s pretty far across the pond too! Lotsa air under the disc for full flight (bad or good). I saw many a disc that looked well thrown but ultimately came up short & landed in the water

Kreighzey says:

I wanted golf

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kingcharelsyoung29 says:

Overall wow

ImGetnSwole22 says:

Kid in the red throws like a fag lol

extraMAYOporfa says:

@elchabong i think that is steve meade!! Hahah

jjwebbert says:

he’s a better golfer than you’ll ever be!!!!

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