2 Key Tips to drive the golf ball

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waggadorn says:

Isn’t straightening the right arm straight away casting?

kevlarticus says:

Casting is in the wrists. Early release and over release, can lead to a nasty slice or over compensation somewhere else in the swing.

David Schultz says:

key 1 is right. there’s no way to create clubhead speed if you aren’t trying to line up the shaft right from the top. nobody good “holds on” to anything. the knee flex thing…hmm…sam snead straightened the knee, as did bobby jones and many others. don’t think that’s as important. the intent of swinging the clubhead instead of the grip will take care of a lot of things you will hear from instructors you “have” to think about, especially the body movements.

MaxGravitas says:

Terrible tips for any average golfer.

iiNaTRaNCeGaming says:

Pause at 2:11 and find the golf ball! 

3xAmigosProductions says:

Lol he sounds like Chief Wiggum

willjacobs69 says:

terrible tips… shortening your left side will result in a snap hook if your a player that can hit a drraw

j frank says:

i would encourage everyone to watch the video called ‘Ernie Els Swing Tip’ and see what he says about the advice regarding straightening the back arm

oweneoin says:

@nikepumps123 the ernie els video is aimed towards much better players and concerns holding onto lag as long as possible which all the pros do, most beginners do not release the club enough and get slices. This is what this video is about, teaching a beginner about lag who can’t even release(which most cant) would be putting the cart before the horse

607777777 says:

Some very good tips here

Rob Tol says:

Why do golfteachers show so much about what not to do?
If you show ONLY what to do GOOD, then anybody will learn better and faster.
Its like saying: i go to the right because i do not want to go to the left. As you can see. The last part is what can go. Now please create new ways of teaching, thanks

mallyark says:

One of the best instructional video on driving swing I have ever seen with excellent demonstration. I played very well in bitterly cold weather with confidence. Thank you for keeping the instructions simple and easy to comprehend.

bizallin says:

totally agree..it’s very annoying.

lorky84 says:

This man needs an award, only up to the range twice after seeing this and already pinging it down the middle, ,thanks a million

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