1994 Moe Norman Golf Swing Interview – Swing clinic golf video – (part 2 of 2)

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Tony Morales says:

Moe says at 8: 42 “Ben hogan and I were very happy when they took 36 holes
away in one day because that afternoon we were in our mourning divots…
and we were!” Classic lol

nick lujan says:

Awesome vertical drop horizontal tug.

Ryan Salamone says:

I was the only white guy in the tournament……

Mark Graham says:

Who’s interviewing? Sounds like Nick Faldo


For 18 months I actually golfed with a former CPGA tour pro who was taught
by Moe and Billy Casper. Moe was a very quiet man by all accounts from my
friend, but one thing Moe knew was the GOLF SWING. So much so that his
swing was mirrored by my friend. Even Tiger said Moe had the best swing and
was like the human Iron Byron. Just because a person may be very good,
gifted, and even special doesn’t mean he should have won every tournament,
or even wanted to win every tournament. He hated travel, people constantly
laughed at him, he was very poor, slept in bunkers at tournaments, and
slept in his car. He was not like the golfers of today-win at all costs;
win everything; play every tournament; play only for the money, and
constantly changing their swing, clubs, putter, etc etc. My friend said Moe
was just a very special Canadian who loved GOLF and could talk about it all
day. He was very passionate about the golf game. As a proud Canadian myself
I would have loved to have played with him a few rounds. Moe was no
different than someone who could play the piano with perfection. RIP
Pipeline MOE. 

webbum says:

Love the questions!

UcanThnkItuCanDoit says:

I do NOT think the secret is IN his swing. I think Moe simply practiced a
LOT, and practiced well. That is his secret. ANYONE could be on any golf
tour they wanted if they simply practiced like Moe did, using his swing or
using any reasonable swing.

Duncan Martin says:

Absolutely brilliant video, Thanks for sharing! Moe Norman is such a class
act and fascinating to listen to. 

MLangeway says:

“How long have you been using that tee Moe?”…”Just over 7 years now”
That in itself is just awesome!

cndvd says:

That was Classic………”I’m the only white guy there….everybody had a

Andy M says:

Less moving parts. The whole body can adversely affect the shot. If there
was equal spine arm leg angles etc accuracy would be much improved.

William Whiting says:

I discovered Moe Norman about 15 years ago, and have used his “system” ever
since. This two part series is a fantastic refresher course. Pure,
simplistic analysis. By the way, it truly works. Thanks, Kirk. 

thesportsmiler says:

fuckin love this guy!! Listen to him!! Fantastic remarks from him! 

HK83IE says:

What i could take from Moe was the downswing and lower leg bend or drop.
That really straightened my shots. Wider stance.

bizallin says:

whats with the guy @3:25 walking behind in a coat, hat and gloves..lol

Keenan Cartwright says:

How can he hit the ball with the club so far be hind the ball before his
back swing 

Michael Yaj says:

Golf is not all about hitting straight. To be the best player out there,
you have to be able to hit all kinds of shot. Golf courses are not design
to hit just straight shots. Almost half of the holes are built dodge left
and dodge right. Therefore, you have to be able to bend the ball left and
right according to the layout in order to get the proper distance for your
approach shot. The closer the approach shot, the better chance to get your
birdie. This is why Tiger Wood won so many majors. He can hit all sort of

ringwood1000 says:

I swing like moe, well as close as I can to it, i don’t try and monster the
ball I just think of what moe said, don’t think of distance just purity of
the swing, I just club up.

Tim Flaherty says:

I’ll play a scramble with a former PGA Tour Pro and local pro Monday. It
will be my first round of the year. I’ll probably hit 4 in close and drop
the putt in first putting position. I’ll hit every fairway and most greens.
I’m the secret weapon because I swing like Moe.

Hank MoHank says:

The one, the only – Mr Moe Norman. No one else remotely like him. Truly
great ball striker. God Bless Moe. 

thesheathdotcom says:

That group of balls he’s practising with looked just like that after he’d
hit them ;)

Adam Reid says:

Bubba never had any lessons either. He is distance oriented and swing is
all over the place and relies heavily on timing. 2 Green jackets now. 2
completely different golfers. 2 mind sets. Never say you are right and
everyone else is wrong.

John Haynes says:

If you can get over Moe’s strange way of delivering the information, there
is real gold here. Pure golfing gold.

Garth Downton says:

There will be a tour player that uses M’s swing. He or she will dominate
and the tour will capitalize on M’s determination. If a wore out 58yr. old
can hit it 250/270 dead straight then a better athlete should have no
problem with 300 plus.

Sean McDermott says:

I tried his method last year at a local driving range here in southern
California. I’ve been playing golf for 50 years. I practiced for 90
minutes. It was the first time in my life that my back didn’t hurt after
practicing. The guy was on to something remarkable and he sure perfected
it. Thanks, Moe. My back says thanks as well.

Garth Downton says:

U ask a valid ? Ans. MONEY!
People are making money by exposing his talent. In the x it has taken for
me to respond to y ?, Moe’s swing has had 10x’s the exposure it had in his
entire life. There is someone @ this moment pursuing the ” feeling of
greatness”, with the will to succeed. 

Eric S says:

@9:30 What is it……….that does it…………for you?

Adam Lumsden says:

Met Moe several times when I lived in Toronto. He would hang out at Scarlet
Woods and sometimes at Uplands. I saw him give a 1 hour clinic at the 18th
at Uplands (9 holes have since closed). He would call the wedge shot, high,
low, spin right, spin left back up. He hit from coke bottles, watches etc.
It was like watching a magician.
Moe seemed to live in a big Cadillac Fleetwood. The trunk was fill of
clothes and golf clubs and I understand he slept in his car by choice,
paying for the motel room, and parking and sleeping in front.He always had
a wad of bills wrapped in a rubber band which I imagine was his stake.
People that knew him well said he did not play the PGA tour as he was often
ridiculed and made fun of. Someone should make a movie on his life, it
would be better than any I have seen on the Golf Channel.

sidney hampster says:

He used the same tee for seven years. He`d hit off coke bottles and they
wouldn`t move. With a driver he could land 6 balls on the same blanket.
17 aces, 9 double eagles (albatross to be correct) 42 course records.
Shot 59 three times. 59? I shoot 79 and I’m phoning people! LOL Moe
four putted on the last hole to lose a tournament in Quebec, the next day
at another tourney, a smart assed reporter on the tee of a par 3 asked,
`any four putts today Moe? After he hit the ball, he turned and said, not
putting today, and actually CALLED a hole in one, yes, it went in the
hole. He actually called it in the air. In tournaments in Canada as an
amateur, he`d shoot whatever it took to win a certain prize he wanted or
people had ordered from him, `ordered`. He had won 15 TV`s, so he`d play
for 2nd. And play for a certain prize, 2nd or 3rd if that prize was more
appropriate for his `client`. Seriously incredible stuff. Before turning
pro, he hustled the best American amateurs, beat them all. All those
arrogant hot shots. Hustled in the true sense of the word. They didn`t
see it coming! He didn`t look like a golfer, but boy did he fool them.
He`d falter a little on the front 9, triple the bet, and shoot 30 on the
back. He threw many 61`s at them for big $ dough and they`d say, nobody
shoots 61!! Who the F is this guy?? He`d roll his drive across bridges
when you couldn`t carry the creek, did it once with Sam Snead. .
The golf world missed a true genius, because he would not conform to their
rules, he was bullied to conform, he couldn`t just be Moe, so he returned
to Canada to never play in the US again. (except in Florida in winter)
Moe`s army would have been equal to Arnie`s if not much larger. Too many
comments here without any depth of knowledge about Moe or about life.

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