Today’s Golfer – Odyssey Month – Pressure Putting 1
So, What is putting? Learn how to putt. The ability to putt well can feel like the difference between making it and breaking it in the game of golf. It is, after all, where the majority of strokes are taken. That being the case, it’s very important to know how to putt–and how to putt well. Many golfers know that small variations in a putting swing can have large consequences on the course. However, there are a few things golfers can focus on to help improve the consistency of their putting, which can in turn help shave off a few [More]
Click For Free Video: #1 Tip to Improve Your Putting Today | Visualization Trick How would you like to visualize your putts?! How do we block out distractions? For those looking to improve there putting game, this video on #1 Tip to Improve Your Putting Today | Visualization Trick is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to make more putts, we’ll cover a great trick to help visualize, while improving key fundamentals! So let’s make more birdies [More]
GOLF WITH MY DAUGHTER, in tonights video Mark talks about how he coaches his daughter to play golf and what they work on on the golf course. See what you could do with young golfers to help them improve and enjoy this great game more. For loads more FREE golf videos and golf tips make sure you follow Mark and his Daughter on their golf journey together. Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here Social Links Twitter Instagram Facebook
This week on the impact show we’re going to give you 5 golfing hacks that will change your game using basic household items! Lets take charge of your game. VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY FOR MORE GREAT TIPS! COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next! Want a customized plan specific to your game improvement? Check out how to improve our game with MeAndMyGolf: Follow MeAndMyGolf 24/7 on social media: ▣ TWITTER – ▣ FACEBOOK – ▣ INSTAGRAM – ▣ GOOGLE+ – [More] ROUND BALL MARKERS?? REALLY??? How is that supposed to help anyone read the green and get a better line on your putt???? Why not move up to Golf’s newest techn…The Putting Optimizer Ball marker?
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Putting Lessons with Derek Hooper – In lesson six of the Better Putting Blueprint series I share some wonderful short putting drills that accomplish a couple of key things. These drills allow you to replicate some of the skills you will need on the golf course by asking you to hit each putt form a different location, so although the putts may be the same length each is slightly different in terms of speed and break. You can score your current skills and benchmark them against players of your same handicap or compare your scores to the handicap you would [More]
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